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21. Posted by Kristie79 (Full Member 225 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

I accidentally (honest) came across a nudest beach in Maspalomas Gran Canaria. The only sign I saw was as I was leaving!!! Thanks for that! It said "no camera's"!!!
I remember there being lots of semi circle stone things that people had built and claimed as their area.
I was only about 14 at the time and I didn't know where to look but seeing as though I was with a mate we did have a bit of a giggle!

22. Posted by mtlgal (Full Member 1179 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

One of the most traumatizing moments of my adolescent life involved a nude beach. I was 15 and was strolling down Brighton Beach (England) with my dad when we suddenly realized that everyone around us was naked! We had no idea that part of the beach was nude. I was so embarrassed -- you know, being 15, surrounded by naked people, accompanied by the DAD! My dad and I were so uncomfortable that we both pretended that nothing was happening, that there was no naked people, and just continued strolling, talking about whatever, all the while trying not to step on the naked bodies lying on the beach! Then we both spotted a formidable sight - a man with LOTS of red hair all over his body; he was so hairy in the pubic region that it looked like he had no penis. My dad and I were a little distracted by the mass of red hair coming towards us, so much so that we forgot to keep talking. So we finished the rest of our "leisurely walk" on the beach in an awkard silence. I was so relieved when the walk was finally over. To this day, my dad and I never talked about this incidence, not about Brighton, not the nude beach, and certainly not about the red hair ball!

23. Posted by ChubbDub (Full Member 132 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

In sweden I went to one accidentally, I was 12 and thought it was the greatest thing ever... There was a "regular" beach but I explored around and rounding a tiny peninsula, I thought I found heaven =)!!