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Hello All,

This might be the third of my annoying Turkey-related "travel advice" posts on this forum. Please bear with me. I just found a great deal on a flight from Izmir to Sabiha Gocken Airport. I guess my question is - is it worth flying into this airport for a cheaper deal? The reason I am asking is that I know it is further out from the city relative to Ataturk airport. Odds are, I will be staying in the Taksim Square area when I am back in Istanbul for this final leg of my Turkey trip. Any experiences? Advice? Please do let me know at your earliest convenience. Thank you in advance.



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Hi Pranav
Both Ataturk and Sabiha Airports are serviced by very efficient public airport shuttles services called Havatas. Havatas buses depart every 30 minutes from outside the terminals of all airports. The buses from both airports terminate about 500m north of Taksim Square on Abdülhak Hamit Caddesi. In your case arriving at Sabiha and staying in Taksim means yes, it is worth flying to Sabiha. The Havas from Ataturk is 10TL per person, the Havas from Sabiha is 13TL with the journey Sabiha-Taksim taking about 45- mins to 1.5 hours depending on traffic. The website for the havatas services are - but at the moment it's in Turkish. If there is any further information you need feel free to ask.

Hi Leeann,

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question. Given that I arrive at Sabiha Gocken airport for one of my flights, and that the flight lands in the afternoon, it looks like the Havatas shuttle might be the way to go. 13TL per person is not bad at all and we definitely have time to kill that afternoon. I truly appreciate the helpful response. I am sure I will have more questions as I try and figure out the loose ends of my trip.

Take care,


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I've arrived/departed at Sabiha Gokcen a few times, and the cheapest, most scenic and enjoyable way to get to Sultanahmet or Taksim is by a combination of public bus/ferry/tram as follows

- by public bus from just out outside the Arrivals Hall, which takes you to the bus station by public ferry pier at Kadikoy.

- 2 minute walk to the ferry pier

- then take the public ferry to Eminonu. The ferry takes 25 minutes and passes some fantastic sights on the way to Eminonu.

- finally take the tram from Eminonu to either Sultanahment or Taksim.

Takes a total of about 90 minutes, is very cheap and is easy to do providing you're not overburdened with luggage.

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The Havatas service is the way to go for SAW flights - excellent! I tried it on local buses and with the language problem, I ended up in a taxi, and almost missed my flight.