Singapore - tokyo(overland) in 7 weeks?

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This year im going on a short rtw trip. just over 3 months.
I leave in 2 months
One section is to get overland from Singapore to Tokyo in about 7 weeks. Is this possible? Has anyone done it? I have to catch the ferry from Shanghai to Osaka, has anyone done that? Any help would be great. I booked the ticket today so even if you say its not short enough its too late!.


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Hey Samm

I'm doing something similar... going Kuala Lumpur to Hanoi overland, then Beijing, Shanghai by domestic air, then Tokyo. I have an itinery that I've prepared for our own trip. If you want to take a look at it just PM me. It's a lot longer than 7 weeks though - about 1 month per country.

Our travel agent was apprehensive about us travelling overland through China. I'm not sure why. She said it was difficult getting in and out of China. Does anyone else have any idea why she may have said that? Maybe she just couldn't be bothered doing something for us.

I wanted to go overland all the way from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing then on to Tokyo but, like you, our tickets have been booked and paid for.

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I plan on overlanding a little around China. I will be flying from Tokyp to Hong Kong so I will just wait around for a few days in HK waiting for my Chinese visa to clear.

I plan to use bus/train to go in a circle from HK-Shanghai-Beijing-Xian-HK :D

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Planning to do the same thing only the other way around. 7 weeks could be a bit rushed but can be done i think. read in this forum that a train from Hanoi to Bejing takes 2 days or so. taking a ferry between china and korea takes 1 day same for the cheapest ferry between korea and japan. For japan you could buy a japanese rail pass (in advandce) with wich you can go on the quick shinkansen trains. that should give you some indication of the time traveling will take.

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I travelled by bus from Singapore to Bangkok. You could then consider road to Siem Reap, Cambodia (then boat to Pnom Penh), OR road to Trat, Thailand ... boat to Koh Kong (southern Cambodia) - Sihanoukville, then bus to Pnom Penh. From PP, you can catch a minibus to Saigon. From Saigon, either bus ($US25) or train to Hanoi. From Hanoi, I caught a two day / two night train to Beijing (about $US100). The tour desk in my Hanoi guesthouse arranged the train ticket. I already had a visa for China, though I noticed they could be arranged in Hanoi.

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Ive managed to get a very cheap flight £54 from Osaka to Singapore as part of my RTW trip, so you could always to that if you wanted to save time, then again a boat sounds like fun!When are you in Japan, as we are travelling around with our JR passes, so maybe our paths will cross?!?!send me a message if youre up for chatting travel plans!