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Hello friends!

People collect all sorts of things as a hobby – From stamps to coins and from movie tickets to antique furniture, everything under the Sun is a collectible. I collect newspapers. Sounds weird, right? Yeah thats what most of my acquaintances tell me. But that doesn’t deter me. I believe a local newspaper is my window to the culture and lifestyle of any country and the best way to travel there without buying the tickets.

I have already collected newspapers from almost a dozen countries thus far and intend to expand my collection to cover most, if not all, countries of the world. And I don’t care if they are in a foreign language or if they are old. Date, language, geography…nothing matters really. All newspapers are enriching and I love them for that. So here’s a small request to all fellow members here: Could you please help me with my endeavor in any way you can? Please send me just one copy of a daily newspaper from your city by regular mail, it could be any copy, even an old one which you would otherwise throw away after reading. Every contribution will be an immense help building my modest new collection and help me see your city through your eyes. Also, feel free to ask me for anything you’d like me to send you from India in return and I’ll be glad to oblige. My address is:

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