trial run ... is it worth it?

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Hi all

I am thinking about world travel for jan/ feb 2006 but have never backpacked before. I am going to give my home and job up for 12 months travel, but im really scared that i might not like it, no home comforts/ luxuries.

I thought it might be a good idea to go to europe for a week backpacking. Fly to one destination and return from another, which forces me to make it to my return flight. This will of course give me a taster of backpacking but will also dent my savings for my "real" trip ....

what do you think???


2. Posted by meekychunky (Full Member 80 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

PS .... i will also be travelling alone for both trips ... scaaaaaaaary!!!!

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try to do it even in the UK at your spare time

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Hi monkee,

I agree with MASSAGEUK - why not give it a try right in your own country, since you'll still feel relatively comfortable there? If a little trial run is what you need to get accustomed to backpacking, go for it! It'll just mean another adventure under your belt.

Before I went overseas alone, I first went to Ottawa, of all places. A 2-hour train ride to a city very much like my own - but it did give me a chance to see what travelling alone would feel like. I loved it - and I left alone for longer with not a fear.

Good luck! Your plans sound marvellous!


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I like your idea of going to Europe for a week. Mix with backpackers in a hostel, and you'll see what they have in common

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some good tips there ... think i will try the uk first (duh, why didnt i think of that??) better get my bag packed .... errr where do i get one lol:

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you could also try Ireland, there are a few airlines doing deals to fly here for cheap , i think aerlingus have one at the moment that works out just under €50 return inclusive of taxes from Heathrow to Dublin, this would also help you get used to backpacking somewhere similar to England while also checking how you handle the currency differences..

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don't worry! you can adapt your trip all the time if your not enjoying yourself!, take it easy and don't stress, a trial run might be a good idea, anyway it's an extra holiday


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I must admit, i would disagree with the UK idea unless you have never travelled at all alone (i.e. not even a day trip out to London or whatever). You won't learn much if anything that way, although you'll probably have a great week!

I'd say Europe for a week. Lots of dirt cheap flights, and being in a "foreign" country is always a different experience to travelling at home - Languages, Currency, Styles, ideas, customs etc, whereas in the UK, you don't get any of that experience. If you want to find out if your up to it (or what it will be like), make it at least a fair test. The familiarity and unconscious safety blanket that being in your own country often negates any of the benefits you would get.

Thats not to say don't try anything in the UK (do some hitches, maybe), but that it's prossibly not as useful for a dry run.

And of course, you get to see a couple of interesting foreign places into the benefit!

A couple of things i would say - open jaw is good. Also, if possible, try and pack as though you were going on your big trip. I know you'll have too much stiuff for a week, but you then have experience of travelling around in foreign places with a big heavy backpack. Use it to wear in your shoes/boots if you are going to get new ones before you go. And you may realise very quickly that its too heavy/uncomfortable etc. And believe me, you want to find this out before you leave for the trip of a lifetime...