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1. Posted by missyrouge (Budding Member 3 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!


I am wondering if someone can help me. I was convicted in October 2013 for transferring and concealing the proceeds of crime. My mother died and left me her house which had been purchased by my brother with proceeds of crime. I knew nothing about this until my mother died and the police contacted me about the house. I didn't listen because I was in denial about my mum being involved in crime. I transferred the money from the sale of the house to another account in my name and drew it out at a later date. When the police put pressure on me I handed the money back only to be arrested and charged. I pleaded guilty of suspicion in a panic to avoid prison.

I work as a corporate flight attendant and have avoided going to the USA but at some point in going to have to go. I have a valid visa from before my crime until 2017. Can someone tell me if they will let me enter or what I need to do. I cannot let my company know. Please help!

Thank you


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I'd love to be able to help, honestly I'd say look up state laws involving foreign criminals.
If you were arrested and convicted, and your sentence meted out I'm not sure that they will do anything to you, but it does seem possible it would be brought up and the company may find out. How did the company not know, did they not background check you?

frankly, you need to talk to a lawyer. If there's one here that can help you than sweet, but if not, I'd definitely say consult legal advice before doing anything else.


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Evan, state laws have nothing whatsoever to do with the OPer's problem.

missyrouge, as usual with posts like yours you leave out one of the most important pieces of information, your nationality. I'll assume you're from the UK.

If you were a normal tourist I'd recommend to forget the entire incident and roll the dice. The chances of you having a background check at the US border is minuscule. Since this is for your job though you should start the paperwork on a waiver of the permanent ineligibility asap. Read this:


Good luck.


4. Posted by missyrouge (Budding Member 3 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

Hi Terry

I assumed it was a British site. I don't know why. Thank you very much.

I have been employed by the same company since before the case. I've managed to get away with it so far but it's my career and it's not my fault what happened. I've never been in trouble in my life. They crucified me because they can't get to my brother who is the criminal. He resides in Dubai untouched. Needless to say there is mutual hate for each other.

Anyway. Thank you very much.

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The US CBP officers can be absolute twits on a one-to-one level, but the Visa guys are generally fairly straightforward and professional. Do all the paperwork perfectly and in the interview explain the situation in clear, concise and honest terms.

Since it's only one offence with extenuating circumstances then your chances are pretty good.

Best of luck.


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Hi Missyrouge, I haven't read the link he supplied (you should) but I'm strongly leaning mostly with CheersT's advice on this one.

I'd try to quietly investigate or have a lawyer quietly investigate, as to what your company's policy is regarding these types of matters. As you said it is your career on the line. Dot every "i" and cross every "T" as far as the paperwork goes. It would be best to get an attorney involved as early as possible.

And since it's the one time/extenuating circumstances thing your chances ARE pretty good but if I were in your shoes I'd totally prepare for being fired or losing your job for something unrelated not very far down the line. I say to prepare for this REGARDLESS of what the company's stated or written policy is.

This could be a very good time to start making some friends higher up in the company who might be in a position to pull some strings for you after befriending you or sleeping with you... Hell sometimes just being a drinking buddy of one of the bosses could help or even babysitting for someone...I use those extremes to make the point...You never know how much having a personal relationship with the right people can be useful down the road of life.

I am very sorry about the misfortunes that have befallen your family.

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Honestly rabudman, this unfortunate situation is waaaay simpler than you think.

There's no need for a lawyer to snoop around and investigate the company, in fact there's no need for an expensive (and largely useless) lawyer at all - simply do the paperwork in the link I supplied, no big deal.

This isn't a particularly complicated issue. This type of Waiver is issued thousands and thousands and thousands of time every year. It's not a unique process.

missyrouge, good luck. If you get stuck anywhere in the process please feel free to PM me.


8. Posted by missyrouge (Budding Member 3 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

Thanks Terry I am going to go that route of getting a waiver. I'll keep you posted.


9. Posted by rabudman (Inactive 31 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

your absolutely correct cheersT, I'm such a douche-bag compared to your brilliance.

10. Posted by CheersT (Inactive 2578 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

rabudman, I apologize if I ruffled your feathers. That was not my intent, but you suggested that she hire a lawyer to investigate her company's policies. What in the world would that accomplish and what in the world does her employer's policy have to do with US CBP? US CBP couldn't care less what her employer thinks about anything.

The Waiver isn't a particularly complicated document and since she's not a tourist entering the US but rather a working person she needs to cover her butt, period.