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1. Posted by chyxx (First Time Poster 1 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

My boyfriend and I are driving from Toronto to NYC in couple of weeks, and want to make a real trip out of it! We're planning on arriving NYC Sunday morning, and departing Wednesday. While we are there, what is the best thing to do with our car? I'd ideally like to park it in some "secure" lot and not touch it until we start to make our trip home. Any advice/suggestions on long-term-ish parking options?

Also, we're going to take the northern route home, up past the Catskills and by the Adirondacks for possibly some camping/lodging. Anyone got thoughts on a park(s) that is open and cheap for camping in late April?

Thanks all!

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In terms of long-term parking in NYC, i would think that your best bet is to find a long term parking lot off the NJ Turnpike. I know there are trains that run from these various lots into NYC for people who dont want to pay the ridiculously high parking prices in the city. Dont know any specifics, but i have heard of people doing it. Just try a bunch google searches until you find something.

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If you are coming through Upstate New York, I would leave the car somewhere in Westchester County near or at the train station. They are pretty safe. Take the train into the city and stay in the city. When you get ready to leave, go back to that train station and start your trip back to Canada from there.

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If your staying in a hotel, they usually have parking (if it is a half-way descent hotel, it will be a secured parking ramp or building) Otherwise Areinstein is our resident NY specialist. :)

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Yes, some hotels have parking but it is about $30-40 a day. It is almost like paying a hotel night for your car...the price of being in the Big Apple.

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Oh by the way, an option is always to park your car in the street, but read the signs very carefully...just to give you an idea:

"Parking Permitted - Bet 8 am til 8 pm, Monday-Friday except Thursday between 2 pm -4 pm".

"Parking Permitted - Bet 6 pm til 6 am, Tuesday-Saturday except Friday between 7 am-9 am".

My point is that you are always having to remember which times and dates are ok so you wont get the $80 ticket. The cleaning crews go thru the streets at certain hours (the left side of the streets on Mondays and the right side on Wednesdays etc etc) so if you are parked there between those times, you will get a hefty ticket.

Also, watch out for fire hydrants, if you are one inch too close to the hydrant pass the permitted space, you will get another hefty ticket. I lived there and I did!!!! And you want to hear something crazy...I parked one inch too close to a hydrant at 10 pm so I got a ticket for that night...by 7 am, another round of "traffic police" gave me another ticket for the same thing. I said WHY???...their response...it is a different brand new day, you get a ticket per day. UUUGGHHH!! I believe that "parking job" cost me about $180!!!!

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Long term parking in Midtown on the west side: West 59th street near the West Side Highway, cheap and secure by NYC standards