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1. Posted by Jev (Budding Member 2 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

My mum and I are visting Italy for about 4 weeks this September. It's our first trip there, so we are seeing all the must-see places like Rome, Tuscany etc.
However, we can't seem to decide whether we should include the Dolomites in our itinerary. We don't have that much time to see so many places, and we don't want our trip or our time in each place to be that rushed. We have no interest in outdoor activities like hiking or mountain climbing. But my mum loves the mountains, and scenic views.
If we do go, we will only spend 1-2 days there.
So, are the Dolomites a must-see in Italy, or can we give it a miss this time, and hopefully come back?
Really any help would be appreciated.
Thanks. :-)

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It depends on what your itinerary looks like maybe. If you want to see and appreciate the beauty of the mountains, I'd highly recommend going to Lake Garda. If you had some time to spare you can organize some tours of the Dolomite range from the towns on Lake Garda. It's very picturesque there. If you have the time to spare, I'd recommend spending a day or two there, take a boat up the lake and stay at the town Riva del Garda. You will get some beautiful scenic views there which your Mum will love I'm sure! :)

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Hi Samsara,

Thanks so much for your reply! :)

Actually, we are already going to the lakes area (Lake Garda/Lake Como) on our itinerary. We plan to spend about 3 days there.
So, that was actually one of our main dilemmas. Is the mountain scenery better in the lakes area than in the Dolomites? If we are already going to the Lakes area, will the mountain scenery there be enough, and then we can give the Dolomites a miss?

We have 2 spare days in our itinerary, and we don't know whether to go to the Dolomites with them, or to allocate extra days to places we are already going to, like the lakes area, or Rome, or Tuscany, or the coastal areas.

4. Posted by samsara_ (Travel Guru 5353 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

Hi Jev,

Well you can take a bus trip for a day from the towns on Lake Garda (Riva and Desenzano) up into the Dolomites, so maybe you could use one of the days you are already spending there to do that? It's a long windy bus journey up into the mountains. Check the weather forecast and try to go on a day when it's not going to be raining or foggy to really enjoy the views! I suppose it depends on how badly you want to get up into the mountains. You will see some mountain scenery around Lake Garda and Lake Como anyway which is really spectacular in and of itself, so that might be enough of a flavour :) If you are training to Lake Como from Milan you will see some beautiful scenery along the train route!

It might be nice to have those extra 2 days to play around with later in your trip. The difficulty with Italy is that you fall in love with everywhere you visit and you want to spend more time in each place anyway! If it was me, I'd keep some extra time for Tuscany, but that's just a personal choice.

Good luck with your decision. Whatever you decide it's not going to be mistake anyway - it's Italy. Everywhere is amazing!

happy travels x