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I know this is quite a ways off, but I'm currently trying to plan a trip to Europe for next summer (2015). I'm starting now, mainly because I want to be able to have my budget and start saving for it.

My buddy and I are looking at this and thinking that we want to hit France, Germany, Italy, and Greece over 30 days. We are planning on budgeting €3000 each for this trip (coming from the US, but we plan on buying plane tickets into one of the countries and out of another before hand, as well as a 4 country Eurail pass beforehand, so this is not included in our budget). This will give us €100/day for accommodations (we were thinking about hostels or couch surfing) and spending a week in each country. We have a few things we each want to do in each country, (see the Berlin wall, go to Normandy, tour the Vatican and the Acropolis) but don't really have a full schedule planned yet. I was mainly wondering what to expect price wise, and whether or not €100/day would be enough to last 30 days in 4 countries. We figured we'd mainly stay to one major city in each country (Paris, Berlin, Rome, and Athens) but will use public transport to get to various locations around the country for day trips (i.e. Normandy). We want to mostly cook for ourselves, but do want to be able to have the funds to eat out occasionally, pay for tours, museum fees, and other attractions (I really want to get Gellato in Italy, and you can't not grab a beer... or four in Germany).

I found another post from someone wanting to tour Europe on €3,000 Euros, but it was from a few years ago, and I don't know how prices have changed.

My biggest questions are:

1.) What can I expect hostels to cost per person per day?

2.) What prices can I expect for public transport (i.e buses, taxis, rental cars for day trips if necessary, etc?)

3.) What are some recommended activities besides the obvious?

Thanks in advance.

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