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Myself and boyfriend travelling to Thailand Late October this year for about 3 - 4 weeks. (No definite time frame)

I was just wanting to ask for some advice regarding our itinerary we have done up from reading these forums and our guide books.

We are hoping to fly into BKK from London.
Spend 3 nights in Bkk - any advice on hotel. Looking at Manhattan Hotel but keep being told to head to Kao Shan Rd. Anyone know a good hotel in that area?
While in Bangkok do a two day trup to Karanbaruchi (???) unsure of def name.
Fly return to Chiang Mai-BKK. Looking at staying 4 days at Top North Hotel or Janadola guest house.
Get back to BKK and go to Koh Samet for three nights.
Stay at Saiekaw villas.
Back to BKK and fly to Phuket.
Stay at Seabreeze inn for 3 or 4 nights.
Off to Krabi fro 4 nights at Railay beach in Sand Sea Resort
Thinking maybe go to Kaho Lak for a few nights maybe at Similicana Resort and some day trips to Phi Phi from Railay as heard that hotels are quite sparse on Phi Phi right now.:(

I would appreicate any help or tips on this itinerary. Especially accommodation tips. Also transport between Phuket and Krabi and Krabi and Phi Pohi and Karbi and Kaho Lak.
We would be flying out of Phuket to Melbourne.

any help wil be greatly appreciated.



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Have you booked your flight to Chiang Mai from Bangkok, as you can get some great prices with

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Saikaew villas are in a good location. I think they are just a few hundred yards from along the beach where i stayed - good choice!!! They looked ok as well. All the nightlife is about a 5/10 minute walk further on, although there are numerous great restaurants and a few small bars on the beach where you are staying.

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kanchanaburi - 130 km west of bkk
go to ayuthaya - 85 km north from Bkk

walk in to any guest house - hotels are expensive

fly between the towns - without changing in bkk. Use buses if short distance.

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If you are a detailed traveller, head on Sukhothai. Bangkok -Ayuthaya - Sukhothai - Chiang Mai

PLs take note that places such as Hatyai and Songkhla are dangerous. An explosion happened in Hatyai days ago. (Hatyai is very famous for its cheap and attractive items)

Try these links:


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1)Buy Lonely Planet;South East Asia on a Shoestring which has all the info you need about Thailand and the borders to the countries surrounding Thailand as I suspect you might want to look???????
2)Stay Khao San Rd as it central and walking distance from lots of sites and all travellers go their,I cannot remember where i stayed but book 1 night at a time from LP list and thats how You get to know!!
3)Kanchanaburi "is" the Bridge on the River Kwia(film of the British pprisonerl of War who died constructing the Death Railway which still runs today),I walked for miles along the actual railway along hills and gorges and graves of old soldiers,well done if you go.
4)AS YOU HAVE PLENTY OF TIME and to save you time and money hanging around airports use the very upmarket,extensive,quick, state of the art Bus's to travel North/east/west Thailand before heading SOUTH,jump on in the MORNING,travel 2-3,max 4 hrs and jump off!!!!!,stay as long as you like then jump on again!!(3-4hrs by bus you can cover 300kl as major roads are good)
After 3-4 weeks you will have seen Thailand,met lots of Travellers and enjoyed the real way to travel.
5)At all Thailand borders you CAN BUY a Visa and go over for 1day???1week????and that includes Burma(1day visa),so HIT the ROAD,Have a Wonderful Time on "YOUR TRAVEL" and Come Back ready for the Next One;ALL THE BEST.

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Great itinery in my view..

I have just stayed in the sawadee bangkok inn on the khao san road and found it much better then other places i have stayed there- for a start it had a window unlike a lot of accomodation around there! The restaurant was pretty good too and its right in the middle of the khao san road but down an alley so you cant hear all the noise!

Koh Samet- good choice. It was my favourite island! We stayed at saikeaw villas and they are really good actually...although we preferred the personal touches at sinsamut which is just next door. At both of these we managed to get deals on the price as we stayed a few nights at each. The restaurant 'beach cafe' in front of sinsamut is also very is our favourite restaurant on the island- jeps. Make sure you go to toks and silver sands bar- play toss a coin and get yourself some free drinks! Also the guys that fire twirl in front of silver sands are the best we saw in thailand.

I didnt go to the west islands but i hear from my friend that phi phi is pretty only go there if you want to help out.

Hope some of this info helps!


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I stayed at a guesthouse close, but not on Khao San Rd.
Behind the wat at the end of Khao San Road (closer to the river) are some quieter back streets that have lots of guesthouses, some restaurants and other tourist oriented businesses - laundry, internet, clothes stalls, tailors etc.
It is much quieter than Khao San Rd, but you're still close to it if you want to venture there...
There's also a dock close-by - the Chao Phraya River ferry can be a good way of getting around to the Grand Palace and other Wats. There are many docks up and down the river close to tourist attractions. I think you can get a daily ticket and it works out cheaper than taking tuk tuks everywhere and its nice seeing things from the river

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Sounds fantastic! We recently stayed on Railay beach at the Railay Bay Resort. The bungalows are a good size, nice and clean and the beds are enormous! I'd highly recommend it - although anywhere on the western side is going to be beautiful cause it's such an amazing place! The eastern beach is not quite so picturesque, but you can get some really good cheap food on that side!

As for accommodation in Bangkok, if you're after a hotel near Khao San Rd we stayed at the Vieng Tai. It was one street back from Khao San and was quiet. The pillows weren't particularly comfortable, but it was a nice hotel.

As far as travel is concerned, the buses in Thailand are fantastic! Cheap, fast and you get to see countryside that you'd miss if you were flying. I'd also recommend the overnight sleeper from Bangkok to Chiang Mai (providing you're not too tall!)

Have an awesome holiday

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i taught in bkk for a year and lived at td mansion, just outside of bkk in bang kruay near central piklau (the mall). the best bet, as suggested here, is to stay away from hotels - too expensive and westernized - and stay on khao san road or in that general vicinity.

i did a two day trip to kanchanaburi and it is well worth it. we stayed past the bar with no name at guesthouses that sat on the river on stilts. they were more expensive than what we usually paid (600 baht at that time = approx. 12USD a night), but it was gorgeous and great to be able to sit outside and see the bridge down the river. we took a quick bus ride from bkk and spent one day at the bridge and at the museum and the next day we rented motorbikes and rode up to the waterfalls, which is one of the main attractions. there are seven pools, the lower ones have actual paths while the higher pool require some more intense hiking. you can jump into the falls and swim at most of them (the fifth being the best) and the area is just amazing. there are these little fish swimming along with you and monkeys everywhere. it was about a 20-40 ride (can't remember) from town.

i agree with another post that suggests stopping off at ayuthaa and sukkothai - amazing, beautiful ruins - before heading off to chiang mai. We stayed at a gap's in chiang mai, which i highly recommend. their breakfast is amazing and members of their staff teach a cooking class (one or two day) off site that is well worth it. they are a great staff and love to joke around, plus you will make some amazing food.

if you have time - you'll need it - i would suggest setting out from chiang mai by bus to pai - it's a great, bohemian village in the mountains. it takes about 3 hours by bus and it puts you halfway between chiang mai and mae hong son (close to burma). pai has a great feel to it - great music at night, comfortable setting, fun roads to explore. we signed up for a rafting trip from pai with the one company there and rode through the rainforest, spent the night at their camp in the forest and ended in mae hong son. it's a beautiful way to avoid a ridiculously long bus ride. again, amazing staff - a ton of fun, all young employees who treated us wonderfully. we took a trek from mae hong son instead of a chiang mai - since it wouldn't be so crowded.

kho samet is fun and as noted, kho phi phi was hit rather hard. i wouldn't be able to go without staying to help - but that's me.

hope that helps! sorry i couldn't remember names - we used the lonely planet and just winged it upon arrival. best way.