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Was considering goin South America bout November time,don't really know much about it and don't talk Spanish at all!! Was jus wondering the best places to go and generally how to go about it! Got bout 5k .
How long could that last me realistically ?dont av to go loads of places ,would jus like somewhere half relaxed.
I know it's a bit of a common question and could do wiv being narrowed down but I jus wanted a rough idea?
Cheers D

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South America is almost 140 times larger than England with 15 different countries/territories, so yes, your question is way too general.

Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador are likely the most popular destinations for first time budget backpackers. Personally my favourite country is Colombia.

Have fun with your research.


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Northern SA is about half to a third of what it costs in Southern SA. Keep in mind though, the poverty, crime and standard of living are also radically different. Really depends on what's your thing? and what interests you?

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How long 5k lasts you depends on your standard of living. Also depends on what kind of adventure you want to embark on, hiking or luxury and relaxation. The good news is that many parts in South America are relatively cheap (the more remote the location the better). If you're traveling to major cities however I would avoid the local markets (they'll hustle you). If you're traveling by plane throughout central america use shopnfly to get all your travel gear at not touristy prices. Hopefully this will help you stick to your 5k budget. Good luck