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1. Posted by mhagcee (First Time Poster 1 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

hi guys

Any suggestion we're planning to go to southeast Asia this October 2014. Our first destination is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and our last destination is in Hanoi Vietnam. it is possible to go to 5 asian coutries in 15 days?


2. Posted by MarcoPolo89 (Full Member 159 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

No. It takes a long time to get from one country to the next, in that area of the World. Sometimes even a full day. In my opinion 15 days is just about enough to see mainland Malaysia. Have you booked anything up yet? I'd recommend you change your itinerary or else you'll be seriously disappointed.

3. Posted by lizp (Full Member 77 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

It is possible though I really wouldn't recommend it. Also depends where you are from, will be 'expensive' getting visas for some countries e.g. Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam.......
Are you planning on overland or flying?
I suggest you concentrate on just 1 or maybe 2 countries.

4. Posted by vegasmike6 (Travel Guru 3582 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

I have to echo what the other posters have said. Many TP members spend 30 days in just Thailand. I suggest you decide what is the most important country you want to visit. Since you are flying into KL, I will guess you want to spend some time in Malaysia. You could easily spend your entire 15 days in just touring Malaysia. Since you fly out of HAN, perhaps spend a week in Malaysia, last week in VN. I assume you will be flying into VN. My blog talks about using the VN 'visa on arrival' system on one of my visits.

5. Posted by Daawgon (Travel Guru 2015 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

It's hard to do many countries in 15 days! You don't win by rushing in this part of the world.

6. Posted by avneet (Budding Member 24 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

5 countries in 15 days!! If you have any meeting or conference there then go ahead with this plan but if you want to explore and enjoy the land,I would recommend you to simply throw this idea off.It might be possible but it is a tiring yet not at all interesting trip.Be in any of your favorite place and stay there for at least 7 days and enjoy,even 7 days would be a very short span but still it can be considered.:) Hope you enjoy!!

7. Posted by karazyal (Travel Guru 5565 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

For 5 countries you would be paying for flights between these countries. The distance is too great to use land travel. Just from KL to Singapore is around 5 hours by bus or 6 or 7 hours by train. KL to Penang 6 or 8 hours by train. From Hat Yai at the bottom of Thailand to Bangkok will take 12 hours by bus or up to 18 hours by train. Trains can run later than scheduled. Below is a link for Seat 61 for trains heading from KL.

You already have a few good suggestions. Since you have flights out of Vietnam my 2 cents worth is do two countries only, Malaysia and Vietnam. Fly between Hanoi and Malaysia to save time. Your choice!

A simple Google check will give you some information on how to get between major cities and how long that transportation will take.

If you have not purchased the Hanoi flight an alternative is to skip Hanoi and visit Thailand and fly home from Bangkok.

Good luck.

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8. Posted by kasi888 (Inactive 4 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

There is a lot of staying places in Kuala Lumpur and many places for the visiting and you can go to the zoo or the parks; bird park and butterfly can visit putrajaya too...

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