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hi guys,
Anyone our there who has been to Morroco and maybe taken own car. We will be on road trip through Europe and thought we might pop over to Morroco on the ferry. We have our own car and would probably go to Tangier and then down the coast to Casablanca. Is this safe?
Would it better if we did a day tip on the ferry to Tangier to get a taste of the morroccan culture and then caught the ferry back to Spain?

Any advice is well appreciated.


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Although Morocco is one of the best places i've been, i wouldn't advice seeing only Tangier for one, or several days. This will not be the best impression you might have from Morocco. It is mainly a port town and although it has many of the nice Moroccan things, those things are much nicer in other places. I don't know much about Casablanca, but many tourists skip that city. It's the financial heart of the Country with a veeeeery big mosque. Rabat, Meknes and Fes and ofcourse the beautiful Chefchouen are all very beautiful and all within a day driving. Marrakech is also great, but further away.

I don't know anything about having own car transport. I know that public transport is both reliable and cheap, so maybe it's also worth leaving the car in Spain for a week.

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Must agree that Tangier isn't the most wonderful place, although it's interesting for a day. Casablanca (and Rabat) are nothing special. Chefchouan, Voubilis (and the Roman remains) and Meknes are a good starting point. Fez is amazing - recomend Meknes beforehand as a taster and to get you used to the type of place.

If you have a bit more time, Marrakjesh is amazing as well, although ALOT more touristy that the souks/bazar's etc don't have the same effect really. Still unmissable. And travelling on the inland route between Fez and Marrakesh (through desert and across the Atlas Mountains) via Ouarzzarte is a good trip in itself. Side trips to places like Merzouga (camel riding and camping overnight in the sahara) is a great experience to. But you need at least a couple of weeks to do it all justice

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I've been in Morrocco twice, coming from Portugal also by car. And I'm going there for the 3rd time for one week, just end of April.

I've been in Rabat and Tangier and it's really not very interesting. I find them too "modern", so you don't get that homey, traditional feel of Morrocco you get further south. I strongly recommend Marrakech and Essaouira, but you'll need one week to decently do that. But that's worth the trip.

If you can only afford to visit the north, I recommend Chefchaouen - the city centre is completely blue, and you'll get a taste of more traditional Morrocco. But stay really near the centre, the outskirts as in most cities are not homey at all. I also recommend Casa Hassan - 0021239986153, but that's the only place I know. But it's great, that's where I'll be staying again.

Have a great trip!

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One more thing: regarding safety, I never had any problem with my car in Morroco, and it's a normal car, not even a 4x4. There is a police officer literally in every roundabout, every square, and a lot of police road blocks, so you'll feel safe. They seem to respect foreigners and never stop us in those road blocks.

Also, I parked my car in a strange place in Marrakech for 3 days, and nothing happened.

I took my car twice to Morroco, and now for a 3rd time, so I guess that's the best thing I can tell you!

Regarding driving, just bear in mind that secondary roads are not large, a bit bumpy, and in the countryside they get crowded at dusk, and with low visibility - people returning home, bycicles, donkeys, camels, slow trucks, etc. But that's part of the charm of morroco!