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is anyone in Thailand or Cambodia for Christmas??
If so, can I meet up with people or someone as am travelling alone.
I also haven't decided where to be for Christmas so open for suggestions :)

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We will be somewhere in Thailand - most probably one of the islands on the west coast as the weather is better! Drop me a message if you want to discuss! We are two girls aged 22 from the UK :) Ami x

3. Posted by Cyberia (Travel Guru 1877 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

Yes, Thailand. In Asia, Christmas is just another day, but lots and lots of westerners in Thailand so there are some celebrations and some special dinners on the day, at special prices.

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The Christmas - New Years holiday period always has a record number of people visiting Thailand. More than any other time of the year. No problem finding other tourists if you want. Downside is that hotels are a little more expensive than "low season" and some are more fully booked months ahead of time for Christmas and New Years time periods. Some countries also have higher priced flights from Europe and North America.

If you are looking for a religious type of "Asian" Christmas - the Philippines does Christmas in a serious way and for a long time. Some of their Christmas decorations go up in October. The annual Feast of the Three Kings ends the Christmas festivities in January.

For Thailand Christmas is mostly just another day. (Thailand does have a few Christian churches if that is something of interest to you.) The malls will be decorated, music will play, tourists spend money and go home eventually. Some pubs in Thailand will do special holiday meals. Some hotels will charge a surcharge for holiday parties that is added to your bill. For a first time visitor Thailand is easier to do than Cambodia. Very good transportation, good airports, very tourist friendly, etc.

Keep in mind that tourists traveling alone also have a nice time. You do meet other tourists in hotels, hostels, on tours, on buses and even on the plane over.

Don't wait to the last minute to book a flight. Long distance, round trip flights from Europe or N. America are usually cheaper than buying 2 one way flights.

Have fun.

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Thailand is great for Christmas. People are warm and friendly. Most hotels and resorts usually hold a Christmas Dinner. I will be in HuaHin again this year at Aleenta resort again. It's my favorite place to spend the end of the year! A beautiful rustic getaway on the beach but still has a splendid Christmas celebration. It's a little bit further from down town but easy to arrange transport with the resort. I think you'll find that Hua Hin is a really nice town as well. Last year the weather cooled down to around 18 c and no rain, perfect weather.

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I am also going to be travelling Cambodia solo around the end of November and through December :) feel free to get in touch if you want to have a chat! I'm a 23yo Australian girl :)

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Xmas day on the beach. Drop us a message on bookface and everyone can all get together and play Xmas games on the beach.

This is all.

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I'm in Thailand for Xmas and new year! Can't wait' pretty much got the bulk of it sorted! There's 3 girls so you're more than welcome to join x

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Sounds fun! While most Thais, etc, do not celebrate Christmas, in the tourist areas there are lots of foreigners who do, so you should have no trouble finding others to celebrate alongside. If you want company, Thailand at that time will probably have a much larger pool of tourists to choose from.

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Hi everyone, even I have planned a trip from 23-29 Dec in Thailand. I will reach phuket by the afternoon, 25th, and planning to visit some island to celebrate Christmas. We are 23, two guys from India. Any help regarding which island should we visit for 25th and next two days is really appreciated. Also, if anyone wants to join us, really welcome :D. Thank you :)