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Hello All! I am from Southern USA and am going to be spending six months in England, from October until April, and I have questions about technology and the electricity differences. I am going to be bringing my laptop, iphone and camera and I would like to know what is recommended to keep them from blowing up. I thought about buying adapters but I have heard that they only work with some things and that it will get very hot and eventually short out and ruin my things. Any suggestions or anybody know what will work so I don't ruin anything? If I buy chargers and things over there will it still work for my stuff?

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Generally chargers for cameras, mobiles and other Electronic Equipment will work on AC 100-240V, standard AC in the US is 110 V, while in Europe it is 220 V. I used my mobile phone (bought in Norway) in the USA, charged it using the original Norwegian charger and an adapter, worked fine.
An adapter will be necessary because the configuration of the plugs is different (I need an adapter when I go to UK). Normally a simple adapter should not get hot, a transformer is a different matter ( an adapter only makes the plugs fit in the wall outlet, a transformer change the voltage), transformers will normally not be neccessary . But check the specifications of Your Equipment, the charger unit in particular to be sure.

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