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hello there, i'm going to seoul on 28 Feb 2015 until 8 March. i'm looking for some recommendation about things to do during that time. I tried to find on the websites, youtube, unluckily most of activities they show are during summer. how about accommodation and transport like train and bus,do i have to book early??

Thank you in advance

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I was there in December.

We used Noble Hotel in Jongno, which was cheap and adequate.

We got around on the metro, bought a stored value card from the machine at the first station we visited, to make things easier. We only stayed within the city but at low season I imagine you wouldn't need to worry about prebooking transport.

In low season there is still plenty of life. Night markets, etc. The North Seoul tower is worth a visit. We found the palaces a bit bare for our taste, but they were basically outdoor and it was -7 °C (cold but very clear and dry).

We enjoyed finding random weird stuff, like the Hello kitty cafe.

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Do not worry about booking train or bus tickets ahead of time. Usually you can just walk up to a kiosk and buy them on the spot. If you miss a bus, there is likely to be another one soon. The same applies to train. For travel in Seoul, the subway is great to get around, but taxis are also very affordable. For city to city travel, you can go to the central station in Seoul, which is in Seoul station, Yeongdeungpo station, or Yongsan station (check regarding which stations service which cities, but generally each will service the major cities).

Some things to do:

1. Min Sok Cheon (Korean folk village) - an outdoor "museum" that showcases Korean traditional life - old ways of eating, dress, dance, house style, etc. They also have a horseback archery demonstration (I think you might need to check on the schedule of activities though). Check for seasonal availability.

2. I would recommend just trying out some key aspects of Korean lifestyle for a day - go to a noraebang (Korean "karaoke" - best after a few drinks, though you can also order drinks and snacks in the room), go shopping at a department store, have coffee, hike up a mountain (and see the North Seoul Tower while at it), have beer and side-dishes (it's an unspoken rule in Korea that if you go, you should order both) at HOF (a Korean take on a beerhaus), go clubbing in Gangnam or Hongdae (Hongdae is probably better because there are more clubs, though Gangnam is swanky). Go to a jimjilbang (a Korean bath house - clothed in the gender common area, and nude elsewhere - most are amazing spas where you can pay for a scrubdown / massage, relax in hottubs and saunas, in the common areas they have more saunas, snacks for sale, coin-operated massage chairs, exercise areas, TVs, etc. A very cool place to chill, especially when you've been cold all day). Have street food after drinking.

3. Take a train to the east coast and watch the sunrise. Getting out of Seoul gives a more interesting taste of what Korean life is like. Go to a seaside seafood restaurant. Busan is a great seaside city to visit as well - the second largest city in Korea. Expect fewer people to understand English while outside of major centers.

4. There are various ski resorts in Korea that you can go to if you're into outdoor activities in the winter.

4. Posted by sapikstockbusz (Budding Member 13 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Thank you guys..looking foward for my first winter vacation but yet still nervous because of temp that could
distract much..

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