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Hi there,

I am considering the following options to get to Sharm el Sheikh from Luxor in late October 2014:

1. Flight: Luxor -> Cairo -> Sharm (most expensive and duration is about 4 hours - there's a 2 h layover in Cairo airport; each flight is about 1h long))

2. Flight and bus:

Fly to Cairo from Luxor - 1 hour duration
Take bus from Cairo to Sharm el Sheikh (very reasonable price in comparison. Can see some scenery, will take a few hours - I think around 6 hours)

3. Bus and ferry:

Bus to Hurghada from Luxor - about 4-5 hours (price is very reasonable)
Ferry to Sharm from Hurghanda

I'm leaning towards #3 but would like to know if anyone can confirm how practical this option is.


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option no 2 is very good

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I'd take option 4. Go somewhere else.

What the UK government site has to say about visiting Egypt:

"There is a high threat from terrorism. We believe that terrorists continue to plan attacks. Attacks could be indiscriminate and occur without prior warning. Attacks targeting foreigners can’t be ruled out. There is a threat of kidnapping, particularly in remote desert areas.

The Sinai-based Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis (ABM) has been involved in a number of suicide bombings, drive-by shootings and assassinations. In November 2014 ABM announced they had pledged allegiance to ISIL. On 16 February, ABM carried out a suicide attack on a tourist bus in Taba, South Sinai, close to the Israeli border at Eilat, killing 3 South Korean tourists, an Egyptian driver and injuring at least 14 others. The group has threatened further attacks against Egypt’s economic interests."

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Thanks for the tips, I went to Egypt a few months ago (end of Oct 2014) and it was a great trip overall.

The best option would have been to take a bus from luxor to Hurghanda then fly from the Hurghanda airport to Sharm airport (way cheaper than flying from Cairo airport). Option 2 above would be second best choice, take the red eye bus to Dahab/red sea from Cairo. I met many expat divers, while I was diving at the Red Sea, and these were their suggestions.

Egypt was safe (sad to see how much the media exaggerates) and I traveled solo overall. If you really want to go, you'll find a way ;) Research the travel sites to check for recent travel posts that proves travelers do go there (and went back home fine).