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hi all,

I have 2 weeks off and will likely book a return flight to Belgrade.

I was thinking of making my way down from Belgrade through Serbia and then Bosnia to see Sarajevo and then down to Dubrovnik.
From Dubrovnik I was thinking going down to Montenegro.

Any suggestions on the best way to get from Belgrade to Dubrovnik? Train, bus, rental car?
Can I drive a rental car into all these countries?

I noticed there is no direct flights between Belgrade and Dubrovnik so im wondering the best way to do this without spending too much time travelling. I like to spend enough time to get to know some cities and would maybe keep it pretty flexible without booking all the accom and travel ahead.
I was thinking a flight from Tivat or Podgorica back to Belgrade.

I am 33 travelling with my young at heart 49 year old cousin. We both like beaches, drinking beer, eating good food.

Thanks in advance and feel free to suggest any towns or cities we should see.


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Hi Pat,

Don't know if you are already on your way, but sounds like a cool journey. As far as I know buses from Belgrade to Sarajevo are the only option, from there you can go by bus directly to Dubrovnik, or first by train to Mostar (nice town) and then by bus to Dubrovnik. Then you can go down by bus to Montenegro, where Kotor is the nicest place. Then head to ugly Podgorica to take the (night) train back to Belgrade.

You won't have to book a lot in advance, but if you are travelling in summer it's good to make reservations for Dubrovnik.

Don't think you will save a lot of time if you travel by plane (with transport to airports, checking in, delays etc)

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Thanks for that mate.

I think I will book a flight from Belgrade to Sarajevo and do buses and trains for the rest.
Would you spend more than 1 night in Belgrade?

Is Podgorica not nice to visit?

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Hi Pat,

Belgrade, well yeah I would say 2 days of sightseeing is enough. And there are enough places to drink and party. Google for Belgrade Greeter and you will have a private guide for free, showing his or her personal favorite spots of the city or favorite food - definitely not the average boring tour and seriously one of my best travel experiences ever. Keep in mind Belgrade is not pretty at all but it has a cool vibe.

I think Podgorica is one of the ugliest and least fun capitals, so one night is enough. Though the train journey from Podgorica to Belgrade is one of Europe's best with the things you see. But you can do it also at night in a good but cheap sleeping cart, a private one if you like.

Sarajevo is my favorite city over there. 2 days is enough but I could spend more - I think a unique city in Europe. Do the free walking tour here - cool guy around 30 tells about his personal experiences in the war in the city - best way to learn about it I think.

Mostar is pretty cool and beautiful, but one night is enough, more touristy than Sarajevo.

You can see Dubrovnik in one day, of course very touristy and it's really expensive if you stay and eat in the old city. But beautiful of course.

Kotor is the best and prettiest place in Montenegro, I would stay longer over there because you can hike around there easily and see the canyons and it has one of the best rivers to raft on in Europe nearby.

Maybe if you have extra time you could visit extra places in Bosnia (beautiful nature), or if you travel in summer more coast of Croatia and Montenegro. Novi Sad in Serbia is also a cool city and just a few hours from Belgrade. People over there love it when western tourists take the time to visit their town.

You will love it!

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Thank you Vedder. Some great advice there. Really looking forward to it!