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Hey everyone,

I'm a 23 year old Turkish girl, I had my first travelling(as a solo girl) to pakistan-india this summer and I already got addicted to travelling. Now I'm about to be graduated and,

it'stime to find a way to fund the new routes in my mind =)

Since I'm majoring in computer science, I've come up with an idea on which i need merciless, detailed feedbacks:

At least for me, the basic obstacle about travelling is purchasing the flight tickets cause we have too many cheap options for accomodation, food can be handled and so as any other stuff if you are a little flexible. Therefore I've come up with this business idea -->

"Imagine a web platform where the people can share, advertise their planned route to get donations for one or multiple specific flight tickets.

Where the travellovers can cooperate and get help from any volunteer person.

By the website, money will be collected right until the required amount is completed for every distinct flight ticket one by one.

After then, the website admins themselves will purchase the ticket drawn up for the dreamer's name.

In this way, website will be able to assure the donaters that the money will be spent on just buying that very ticket and the bad intended members, people who might try to misuse the website, won't be able to cheat anyone.

  • *The donaters and the dreamers to rely on the website it will be as easier as giving a try as both a donater and a dreamer.

I know this might not seem to be implemented at a glance but I just wanted to ask for feedbacks and feed forwards =)

And also, if anyone knows "any" ways to get some minor help for travelling budget from airline companies, travel agents or any other company, organization or individuals similar to my idea, please do let me know cause I'm craving for travelling again ASAP!

Greetings from Turkey,

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I wouldn't pay for someone else to go on holiday. My view is, and I'm probably not alone here - pay for yourself. I work for my money, others should too.

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