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1. Posted by amypaimy (Budding Member 3 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Hi all,
I'm wondering what to do with myself. Im almost 20yrs old, and was going to Kos in April for 7 months to work the summer season, but unfortunately, the friend i was going with is now unable to come with me.
I really want to do this but i am a bit wary of going alone. I don't really want to go to greece by myself, i thought maybe spain or Portugual. Can anyone help? Does anyone know of some looking for staff?Its only 2 months away from when im supposed to go and im so confused as to what i should do.


2. Posted by Rach-a (Respected Member 368 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Yassos Amy,

It's a shame your buddie dropped out - however why don't ya just make the most of it I've been to Kos - it's a beautiful island full of friendly folk!! I went in the summer and it is fairly lively there - I'm sure if ya just got a cheap flight out there and tried the lively resorts (probably early May/June is best as opposed to later on when there would be less vacancies) - there should be plenty of bar or waitress work for you. If you just asked around. I'm sure there'd be friendly english speaking peeps 2 if you didn't know much greek. Yassos is greek 4 hello by the way :) just 2 start you off. However as most bar and resort staff in greece and the greek islands should speak English - you would be ok out there and should also pick up the lingo pretty quick If you were too shy to go out there alone - you could try the travel agencies beforehand to see if they hold any work in the summer for reps etc. :) Although I have never actually done rep work before - I think you have to prove you are confident with customers etc. Failing that there could be office or reception work in greek hotels - you can find thru your local travel agents.

If you go out to Kos I'm not sure that you will not meet too many peeps in hotels etc. (although out and about at night you would) it's probably a good idea to go to a hostel where you can meet more peeps - is a good website which you can pre-book hostels anywhere in the world on the web. It is a secure site 2 Best of luck to ya gal

3. Posted by Rach-a (Respected Member 368 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

PS I just noticed you said you would go in April - that would be a great time. And to improve your confidence a bit more - Greece is safe to go round alone. I have been to the mainland on my own - and wandered round Kos on my own too (altho' went to Kos with a friend), I found people respected you there and were friendly - at the worst tho' I got the odd beep of the horn and whistle to come over and talk to a couple of men - but that's because they tend to be a bit chauvanistic over there. They don't actually mean any harm. I went for a two hour walk on my own - I came to no harm, also it is safe to walk round alone in the main tourist areas. Maybe at night it is a good idea not to wander out to dimly lit areas or out of the tourist area - but that's just common sense. Also to just follow your instincts :) I love greece and after my RTW tour (which greece may be included) - I intend to visit there again and again. A typical example is that there is hardly any graffiti anywhere (except Athens) - yachts and boats are left out untied in the harbour (because no-one would damage them or steal them) and buildings and streets are clean. That is because people out there are more respectful and trusting and they have reason to be - I found Greeks so friendly and generally there's alot less chance of you being mugged or worse out there than there is that of Britain - greece and her islands are safer than britain. Just a reminder tho' that you should always keep common sense - such as not too much cash carried round with you and dimly lit areas etc. etc. - just to keep your sensible head on ya and you should be fine

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hi. just wanted to say i agree entirely with Rach-a. i've been to crete and rhodes and the poeple there are so friendly its amazing. definatley intend goin back to greece soon!