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Everest (Mount) - Nepal

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Wonders of the World.
(compiled with the help of our other threads about wonders-medieval, natural, underwater, ancient, and modern. NOT all inclusive;))
A Aztec Temple, Angkor Wat, Angel Falls
B Banaue Rice Terraces, Borobudur Temple, Barrier Reef
C Channel Tunnel, Colosseum
D Deep Sea Vents
E Eiffel Tower (Mt.)Everest
F (Bay of)Fundy, (Mt.)Fuji
G Great Wall of China, Golden Gate Bridge, Grand Canyon
H Hagia Sophia of Constantinople, Hoover Dam
I (temple of the)Incriptions, Itaipu Dam
J ?
K (Mt.)Kilimanjaro
L Leaning tower of Piza, Lake Baikal
M Mayan Temples, Mont Saint-Michel
N Norther Red Sea, Niagara Falls
O ?
P Porcelain Pagoda of Nanjing, Parthenon, Petra
Q ?
R (harbor of) Rio de Janeiro
S Stonehenge, Suez Canal
T Taj Mahal, Throne Hall of Persopolis
U ?
V Victoria Falls
W Washington Monument
X ?
Y Yellowstone National Park
Z (Statue at Olympia)Zeus

Anyone with any J,O,Q,U or X wonders?

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Anyone with any J,O,Q,U or X wonders?

Hmmm. Can get quite a few for each, but as a single exampls - and Cheating utterly i know - ...

J - Jerusalem City
O - Okavango Delta wildlife park ((or anywhere which you can prefix "Old Town" with..)
Q - Quesir Amir Fortress, Jordan
U - Uluru (FKA Ayres Rock)
X - Xian, Terracotta Warriors

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I love lists. Just went through the above "wonders by the alphabet" and I very happy to see that I've been to seen 22 of the 26.

Missing the (D, Q, U, and Y (although I hope to visit Yellowstone this Summer).

Can anyone think of any alternative (D, Q or U so I can go to yellowstaone this Summer and get all 26)?