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1. Posted by Shaunswifey (First Time Poster 1 posts) 3y Star this if you like it!

Hi all, just a few questions if anyone is able to answer them. My fiance is traveling to the US in a couple weeks from the U.K. He has a dual citizenship in Canada and the U.K , but will be traveling here on his UK passport. He already applied for ESTA and got approved for the Visa Waiver. Our concern is that he does have a criminal record in Canada from about 10 years ago. If he comes here on his UK passport, will the Canadian record show? Will they fingerprint him? And if so will it show then? Any advice or answers would be helpful, thank you!

2. Posted by CheersT (Inactive 2578 posts) 3y Star this if you like it!

No one can answer your question with 100% certainty of course, but the chances of his Canadian record being detected backwards through his UK Passport are nil.

What will be more tricky is hoping CBP does not discover that he's Canadian and questioning why he went though the hassle of ESTA instead of simply entering on his Canadian Passport...

Good luck and have fun.


3. Posted by vegasmike6 (Travel Guru 3579 posts) 3y Star this if you like it!

Terry is our resident expert on travelling to the US with a conviction, usually UK citizens. If you read past posts, it is obvious that the US and Canada have shared databases. Numerous examples are found in the older posts. A friend of mine here in Vegas was denied entry into Canada because of a drunk driving conviction. Same if a Canadian tried to enter into the US with a conviction. His name and record are in the US computers. My friend found out he could enter Canada by going through an attorney and paying around $500 for a visa. He decided to stay out of Canada. Good luck.