6 month euro trip, where to start??

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1. Posted by siobhanlara (Budding Member 9 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

hi :) i'm planning on taking a 6 month trip through Europe next year, leaving Auckland New Zealand in about July 2015.

Reading up on all the information on the internet is slightly overwhelming. It seems that euro rail is more suited for shorter trips so i was wondering whats the best way to get from country to country in the most cost efficient way? I have a rough list of 24 countries i would like to see but haven't narrowed it down yet! (Some countries i'd like to spend longer in while other just a couple days/week) I also want to visit Morocco, slightly out of the way as well as Jerusalem. And i have no idea if i need an around the world ticket? Or just one way and go from there?

I would love to do things like couchsurfing and woofing as well on my trip.

Also I was born in Scotland so have a european passport, so pretty sure i don't need to worry about visas!

Someone help me please! :)

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!? There is no such entity as euro rail. If you mean train travel, I doubt that fits your criteria for 'the most cost efficient way'.

The best way to travel from country to country and within any country, if best is 'the most cost efficient way', is to do maths. comparisons. All forms of transport will have a place - train, plane, bus, ferry, legs. Without your wish list of counties who can possibly tell.

Without deducting your amount of travel time you have 7.5 days per country if 24, countries I am sure where many spend weeks.

If you were born in Scotland you have a British passport.

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You are probably right about visas but this has valuable info for UK passport holders. UK Foreign Office travel advice

And I suggest you check each country individually.

Use the TP map feature to give yourself and others here an idea of the route you might take. It will also populate the TP Travel planner which might give you ideas about transport. A map will also help you to break the trips into segments for easier management, ideas about transport, accommodation etc.

The Man in Seat 61 covers just about everything you need to know about train travel.

Buses are often cheaper.

Look into getting a membership of International Youth Hostels.

RE - One way v Return (RTW) ticket. Return is often cheaper than two singles & it might give a bit of peace of mind as to getting home.

Happy travels


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Throwing in my tip to use Megabus where possible, though as mentioned above I'm not sure where you are hoping to go so if anything I hope it at least gives you some inspiration! ;)

5. Posted by siobhanlara (Budding Member 9 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

thanks everyone for the tips much appreciated :)

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Agree with above posters about most things.

Steve has provided some good advice - but HI memberships might not save too much. It depends on where you're going.

There are bus passes that are worth a look, as well. However, the information you've given us is pretty limited to help you. What are you interested in? When are you going? Have you been before? If you can give us a bit more information we can provide you with more targeted information and support.