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I'm looking for advice and suggestions for a 5-6 day long road trip in UK at the end of February 2015 starting and ending in London. Would be great to see Stonehenge along the way, but not necessary. Open to seeing big cities, small cities, and/or quiet towns.

Thanks! :)

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Dude you should definitely pass by sterling in Scotland,a nice quiet place,you could check out the Wallace monument while you're there,never actually been inside,let me know what you find if you ever go. Dundee is also cool, you can check that out.

good luck

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Completely agree Stirling is a good idea, the castle there is great, but to the OP how far were you thinking of travelling over the 5 days?

Also, I'm not sure what your interests are but I found Cardiff to be beautiful and York is a must-see IMO.

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5 days isn't much time. I don't think I'd go as far as Stirling, if it were me, but it depends on what you're looking for. I'd pick a region, maybe Brighton and the southwest, to explore. If you want to see Stonehenge that could easily be done along the way. Alternatively, I've heard really great things about Wales. Around London alone there are a number of options: Stonehenge, Bath, Cotswolds, etc.

England, Wales and Scotland are all quite different, but unless you want to spend all your time driving, I'd stick with either England or Wales. Scotland's beautiful, but to really see it, you'd have to go far north, which means losing a day driving each way at least, more if you go further north.

The length of day in Febuary - not the longest - and your willingness to drive in the dark will be a factor!

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Aim for Bath & take in Stonehenge, the villages of Laycock & Castle Combe, & the stone circles at Avebury on the way. I found Avebury to be a lot more up close & personal than Stonehenge.

After Bath - aim for Lands End calling in at as many towns along the north Cornwall coast as time allows. I have never been in Cornwall in February but imagine it would be fantastic with some wild February weather & no crowds.

Return along the south coast of Cornwall & stop into Dorset, a very pretty county.

Happy travels

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As everyone has said 5-6 days makes it really hard to choose.

You won't have time to see Scotland - avoid the temptation for a quick visit to Edinburgh or Stirling because you really really need to spend at least five days doing a loop north from these seeing Inverness, Isle of Skye, Glencoe, Loch Lomond as well as the cities including - in my opinion - Glasgow for fabulous architecture. So forget Scotland and come back to do it properly sometime. Ideally ten days including Orkney in the North and Staffa on the West coast.

From London I would be tempted to see Stratford-upon-Avon en route to York, then up to Keswick in the Lake District possibly via Durham, head south via Chester to Bristol, Bath, Stonehenge and back to London. York is the best Roman / medieval city, Durham is a wow setting with the castle and cathedral high on a bend in the river, the view from the lakeshore at Keswick is the best view in England without climbing any mountains (or if you ARE into climbing mountains then the ones here are more accessible and rewarding than anywhere I know), with Chester you actually have a similar experience to York again so could be skipped, if you had time I'd suggest Caernarfon but it's a detour and out on a limb, along with nearby Portmeirion architecture village; Bristol is a city with a lovely vibe and loads to see, Bath everyone loves but somehow I don't, if you're heading to Stonehenge then either Salisbury or Winchester are worth a look if you have time. If you're more into the neolithic than just ticking Stonehenge because you feel you ought to then take a look at the other more impressive monuments in the area, chiefly Avebury, and when you're up at Keswick look up Castlerigg Stone Circle - older than Stonehenge, the stones aren't as big but the setting surrounded by mountains is powerful. I took a group there at sunset last month and it still makes the hairs stand up on the back of my neck. :-)

But seriously, ditch England and do Scotland properly instead! :-)