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In June, 8 day (leaving on 9th day) trip arriving in either Paris or London, and leaving from Amsterdam.

Choices are either London > Paris > Amsterdam OR Paris > Bruges > Amsterdam.

I have not been to Europe before, it'll be two people traveling. I really like what I can find about Bruges, but London is..London. Do you guys think London is missable or does it have so much to see that I just have to see it? I'm flexible and can be swayed either way, I know London should be more expensive, but ignore costs please.

If I go to London, then it would be two full days in London and Paris, one full day in Amsterdam. If I go to Bruges it'll be two full days in Paris, two full days in Amsterdam, and one full day in Bruges.


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London if it were me. Bruges would keep me amused for all of an hour.

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Strictly from a travelling point of view, it's going to be more efficient to go Paris > Bruges > Amsterdam.

I think that would be my choice actually, also considering it gives you more time in Amsterdam. Just save London for another trip when you get the chance to stay longer and also explore some other parts of England maybe.

Bruges is actually quite an attractive small city and in my opinion well worth stopping in for a day. I'm a bit confused about your days though - you've accounted for 5 of them, but you say you're on an 8 day trip?

If I were looking at that trip, I'd be thinking

Day 1 arrive in Paris
Day 4 depart Paris, arrive in Bruges
Day 5 depart Bruges, arrive in Amsterdam
Day 9 depart Amsterdam

Personally, just the one night in Bruges would suit me (well, that's what we did when we visited anyway and it seemed enough :)) You could pick another small city on Day 5 to visit along the way to Amsterdam if you wanted as well - I think you have enough time. Brussels, Ghent, Antwerp, Delft or Leiden are all other worthy options for a night's stay in my opinion.

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I've just visited Bruges few days ago and in my opinion it's a really nice town, perfect for one day trip. There is a lot of charming little streets, canals, romantic spots, medieval town houses so looking at your itinerary it would be a short break between two big cities you plan to visit. I've also been in Amsterdam and I think that one day is not enough to explore the whole city.

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I'm going to second Peter - leave London for when you have time to spend there. Paris and Amsterdam are both lovely, and if you try to see London as well with that time frame it will feel very rushed. Bruges is nice ascetically, but can be a bit overcrowded and more than a day won't be necessary. I'd probably choose Antwerp or another city in Belgium instead. Or possibly Luxembourg.