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Hi everyone, first of all i am not sure if this is the appropriate place to post this, sorry if i am posting it in a different thread, its my first post here...

My name is Gabriel i am 20 years old, getting 21 on march 7 :P, i just finished a 2 years hotel management from Palestine, but first i want to let you know some further stuff about me, i was born in Romania which is part of EU, i moved like 4 years ago to Palestine to finish my studies, now I am done with my studies, I am still in Palestine, my father is Palestinian , i have double citizenship ( Romanian ) ( Palestinian ), i never worked in my life.

now the purpose for this post is, i want to move to UK London, i know the price there is high i have been reading some threads around the internet, staying in Palestine is not an option, i have a few questions and if you would like to tell me more in details i would be most grateful.

1- which city would you recommend me to go that i can live, which is cheap to rent.
2- are jobs easy to get ? now i know that i might not or probably 100% sure that i will not get into a hotel job as soon as i get there ! but i meant by this question what kind of jobs as a starter can i get to pay my bills, and what is the most appropriate way to find them, like is there a website or something.

i have so many questions i will probably add more once they come back again into my mind, if you write additional stuff it would be most helpful.


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As far as I know you do not need a Visa traveling to UK on a Romanian passport.
Years ago, before financial turmoil, I tried to use the various well-reputed employment offices to find a job, but no luck really. Ditto some of my friends. Going on the spot took time, but we finally landed some jobs to keep us going.
Unless you have some very specific studies, it is extremely rare to find a job before hand.
The best think to do is to go and start looking on the spot and still no guarandees. Sometimes you may arrange intrviews through net or even a small establishment migth say "sure, come to work for us" but you never know if you go there and they suddenly tell you "Position is covered" or after two days they say "Sorry, your skills do not suit the position we hire you for". So you need to have a considerable ammount saved as a back-up.

You may want to check gumtree for jobs advertisments among other things.