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I know this is probably a question asked a million and one times before, but with regards to WA what things do people think we have to see? I know the Kimberly Ranges, Swan Valley, the Wave etc but are there any obscure places that other people would say you have to go to? We were planning on driving Perth to Darwin to see it all but may be pushing it with time and funds so any must sees would be appreciated!

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try down south of for beautiful wineries around the margaret river region, and stunning beaches. a few hours north of perth at cervantes is nambung national park, and the pinnacles- well worth a look. right up the top try broome, a favourite holiday destination in particular the pearl farm and cable beach. in the kimberly try purnululu (i know thats spelt wrong!!) national park where the bungle bungles are. around darwin (sorry wrong state now!!) try kakadu national park for beautiful scenery, watch out for the crocodiles!! if i think of anything more i'll post or send me a message if you have any more questions.


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Monkey Mia is a must. It's a dolphin research centre and they feed 4 of the dolphins during the day, the best time to go is 8am as they are normally always there. They get fed up to 3 times a day, if they come in, so 8am is the best time. Everyone lines up along the shore, the water up to just below your knees, and the dolphins come and swim all around. It's amazing. I was never a huge dolphin lover, but they're just amazing to see in real life. The centre ranger introduces them one by one, and they respond to their names, by circling around and playing. They're but no means camera shy either, and we got some amazing photo's. The water is so clear. If you're lucky enough, they pick out a few people from the crowd to feet them aswell.

Another place is the Pinnacles, they're well worth seeing aswell. They're limestone rock-type things in the middle of a national park. Either go at sunset of sunrise, but watch out for the flies, they're everywhere. Billy Connolly ran naked through them on his tour of Oz.

Hope that helps

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Kalgoorlie in the Goldfields ... gives you an insight into the Australian "wild west"

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there is so much to do in wa dont restrict yaself to going north. dont get me wrong it is beautiful up there but south is gorgeous too. make sure you camp out when you travel too youll meet heaps of people in the caravan parks and have a better experience. also meeting people in the parks they will give you heaps of suggestions of places to visit as well. esperence is beautiful or margaret river, a favourite holiday place for heaps of west ausssies. pretty much everywhere ya go will be a bit different so take ya time. hope it helps