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In Calgary, you can also go downtown to go shopping on our really unique downtown core, 5 malls connected together in a plus 15 walkways (fifteen meters above the ground). Also, go to uptown seventeenth Ave. where the best shopping is :)
You could also check out a landmark chapel, Catherdral Church of the Redeemer, along the LRT on 7th Ave. SW.

Have a good trip :).


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Shopping!! hehe

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was thinking more sightseeing and fabulous landmarks or scenery

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hey reece!!
i used to live in thunder bay... its a beautiful area and there are lots of great things to do... (believe it or not!!)
if you get the chance, hiking the sleeping giant is fun... there are various campsites along the way, so be sure to bring a tent!
also check out the amythist mines on the outskirts of thunder bay...
other great places to see while you're there are:
- Ouimett Canyon (sorry if i spelled this wrong!)
- Kekabecca Falls (haha this too!!^^)

this is just thunder bay... the old part of the city is called Fort William, and it's a pretty neat place... not much there, but worth a look if you have the time!
hope this helps!
PS> while you're in edmonton, be sure to go to the west edmonton mall... i know you said you just wanted to go sightseeing, but trust me, this is one sight you'll wanna see!! its huge!

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Since it sounds like your driving from BC along the Trans Canada Highway...

Check out the Chateau Lake Louise on the way to Banff before you head to Calgary, a nice day trip from Calgary would be to head south through Black Diamond, Turner Valley and Longview and catch a view of the Porcupine Hills and the Whaleback to the west as you head towards Pincher Creek. Then just a short drive to the west takes you to Frank Slide... From there another short drive to the east to Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump and then you can make it back to Calgary (about a day trip if your up early)

Another place about an hour and a half NW of Calgary is Ya Ha Tinda ranch... it is such a unique valley and you'll see why if your there...

If your heading up to Edmonton I would definetly check out Jasper, and Maligne Lake... much like Moraine Lake in Lake Louise...

It might seem a tad out of the way, but the trip is wonderfull... you have to head back to Lake Louise though and head North... Along the way you'll definetly want to check out the Columbia Ice Fields about half way to Jasper... (the birth of the Athabasca River which flows into Mackenzie eventually)...

Definetly worth mention is Dinosaur Provincial Park by Brooks AB... You'll find fossils of dinosaurs (although your not supposed to take them =) ) and Cypress Hills by Medicine Hat is very unique... only they're too the SE of Calgary, along the Trans Canada towards Saskatchewan

FYI: Head Smashed in & Dinosaur Provincial Park are both World Heritage sites... we have another one in Alberta but it has slipped my mind!!

There's lots more to do too, but its all a matter of time...

happy trails!!


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Cheers kevin that sounds more like what i was after.

27. Posted by Reece Sanford (Travel Guru 1368 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Thanks for that to lauren and yeah im definately going to west edmonton a shopaholic and can shop all day so i will pop there but that will be the only place i will go shopping.the rest of the time is seeing the rest of canada

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My recommendation would be to go visit the Head Smashed In, certainly . Jasper is also worth a stop, if you have the time. It's so beautiful; not as many people do a trip to there, but it is good.

Don't just go to Moraine Lake and Maligne Lake, but hike them, as well. Moraine Lake especially, is a great, great hike and really well worth it. Go all the way up to the Lake! Whatever you do, don't be a donut and hike in Lake Louise . . ..!

I forgot about The Cochrane Ranch. Yes, I know it is outside, again, but it is a landmark on the Trans Canada Highway, and it might make you curious... THE MOST IMPORTANT: go to the Burgess Shale on Mount Burgess (World Heritage), if you are there in September, when it is open for that month -



29. Posted by Reece Sanford (Travel Guru 1368 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Any other recommendations would be great.
Thanks all

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Not a problem... Have a good trip!