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Hi, heading out on a one-way flight with no set end date!

Travel Forums Round the World Travel Hi, heading out on a one-way flight with no set end date!

1. Posted by zfx (First Time Poster 1 posts) 2y Star this if you like it!

Hi everyone, I've been reading a bunch of posts on here and this seems like a great community! Just wanted to drop in and introduce myself, and also hopefully get some cool ideas of what everyone would do if they knew they could just travel for years at a time. So backstory - I just quit my pretty well-paying job and I'm heading out next week on my trip around the world! I have no idea how long I'll be traveling for, but I think I can make it for a few years on my current savings. Besides going everywhere, meeting awesome people, going on adventures, seeing amazing things, etc, I also think it'd be neat to find some interesting places to work for a bit, plus that could extend my travels too! I thought it'd be cool to work on a vineyard, or find a restaurant with food that's awesome and work there and learn how to make my favorite foods. Also it seems like a good time to work on building my own internet-based thing. Anyway, I'm starting off in Thailand, and am thinking about heading from East to West, then from North to South as the weather starts cooling down in the North. Would love to meet up with people who are around. All ideas welcome, thanks!

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On one of our many trips we stayed in a town called Watamu in Kenya with a Christian conservation group.
Had 6 weeks there after a safari into the Masai Mara(also highly recommended) staying over Christmas and the New Year.
It's located on a beach I can only describe as soft as flour it's magnificent and great for long walks.
They take on volunteers if this interests you or you can just stay in one of their rooms as a tourist with food included like we did.
I would highly recommend this as a place to stay in Kenya.

Here is a link to the organization

A link to trip advisor reviews for information

I do not know what Nationality you are but if you are not from the US I would certainly recommend a road trip NYC to LA. Part of our trip took in Yellowstone NP we camped there at 8000 feet and then made our way down thru Utah called in at all the National Parks and places of interest on the way south finishing up in LA.

China is an amazing country, if you do the touristy bits great wall Shanghai, Terracotta Warriors etc.Language is not such a problem but if you travel in the south like we did another time it's more of a challenge but my goodness it is so worth it. The people are wonderful friendly and helpful. The young people helped us using their translators on their Smart phone. Lots of historical places to see.
You can travel thru China on long distance sleeper coaches or use the railways. Book at the station though and try and find a desk where they speak English or get someone to help you.

South East Asia is where everyone goes and is easy traveling, as is the East coast of Australia. If you want to work in Australia look up their Visa entry regulations.

Russia is not so easy to travel round independently because you have to state which towns you are traveling to and the hotels where you will be staying. Additionally to get the Visa you have to provide loads of information including every country you have traveled in in the last 10 years including dates. All about your family parents included it's a long form to fill in. But Saint Petersburgh and Moscow (the underground is worth a visit, do it yourself don't take a tour they are expensive) are so well worth the trouble.

India is mad and quite a culture shock to most people but the palaces, forts, temples architecture are well worth the visit. Take the trains but I'd advice at least 3rd class aircon and book in advance from the rail station it's cheaper than thru an agent.
Nepal perhaps not so mad but you have the wonderful mountains, we stayed in a hotel above the clouds, something not to be forgotten.

Canada Australia US Europe are easy, you just need the money.
Norway is a great place to visit, travel the coastline visiting the lovely quaint towns along the way, very expensive though.
Head up to the Arctic Circle and see the Northern Lights and the days go on into the night, see reindeer walk pass your campsite every morning to their feeding grounds near Father Christmas Road. Jump into a lake after taking a sauna.

There are so many countries in Europe that are so worth a visit.

We are in Egypt at the moment, we are staying in one place snorkeling. It's safe here in Sharm el Sheik and most of the tourist areas but our government don't recommend travel to most areas

There is quite a bit of unrest at the moment in the Holy Land so take your governments advice on that area of the world.
We visited Israel some years ago and it is something I would love to do again but we have put it on hold for the time being.

I'm assuming you have checked out the Visa situation when you travel! and where to purchase them on route.
Take additional passport size photographs with you for Visas for convenience.

Passport, you might be able to have additional pages fitted at home before you travel, we did. It's surprising how much room you need for all the large Visas that are stuck in the passport. Egypt, India, China, US, Russia, Cambodia to name a few that take up a complete page.

Medical insurance!

Climate (the best way round to travel)

Check out this link for Independent travel

Well must go things to do.

Keep safe out there.

3. Posted by berner256 (Moderator 939 posts) 2y Star this if you like it!

I read your blog. You’ll be okay. You’re resourceful enough. If you still have your gym membership, know that some health clubs have reciprocal agreements worldwide. So you can make use of their facilities, such as showers. My cousin regularly uses them while traveling in Asia.

It’s very important to maintain your health (physically and mentally). Every person is different, so you’ll discover what you need to do. I did some stupid things on my first trip, like riding a moped with flip-flops. I broke a toe. Now I protect my feet.

Many people take things for granted; and make assumptions that aren’t warranted. So keep this biblical verse in mind: "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

Be positive; and make the most of every situation. My passport was stolen in a Paris youth hostel shortly after I began my first trip. I had to wait for a permanent passport to replace my temporary limited passport. What to do? I enrolled in a cooking school. Think outside the box.

Have a great adventure; have fun! I'm headed next to Austria, Hungary, Turkey, Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia and Russia. Then it's on to the Indonesian islands of Flores and Komodo; East Timor, Australia and Papua New Guinea.

P.S. How are you accessing your money overseas on this lengthy trip? See my posts under this Forum topic five weeks ago: “Need help to find best travel Visa or MasterCard."

Also, if you're thinking of adding pages to your existing U.S. passport, do so before the end of the year at any embassy or consulate. It will cost $82. Beginning Jan. 1, 2016, no additional pages can be added to existing passports, according to the U.S. State Department. The U.S. passport is due for a makeover next year. The new passports -- both regular and extended versions -- will continue to be valid for 10 years. But once all the visa pages are filled, you'll have to get another one.