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Just a quick warning to anyone driving in the Netherlands. In late Feb. I was in Alkmeer, Netherlands. It was late (around 7pm) and I figured I wouldn't get a parking ticket so late at night, cold, and rainy (I didn't think a parking guard would be out so late and in that weather plus I was only parking for a short time). Anyway, I was wrong, not only did I get a parking ticket but it was for 47/Euros!!! That's $65!!! So if you're driving around Holland and need to park you'd better pay the little machine.

Also I guess its the same warning for driving anywhere in the World, but when driving out of Rotterdam, I had to drive through a random check point and had to breathe into a Breathalyzer
to check if I had been drinking. That's the only time that's ever happened to me anywhere in the World.

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Those parking officers work rain or shine, so it's definitely necessary to pay the ticket! I got a AU $ 100 ticket in Melbourne for getting back to my car 2 minutes late a few months back. I couldn't remember exactly which street my car was parked in, which is why I was late! That really sucked!!

The breathalysers are quite common in Australia as well. In fact, they've started doing random drug tests as well, so it's not advisable to do drugs before driving (not that it's advisable to do drugs at any other time :))

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hahaha I lived in Holland for 2 years and my b/f must have gotten about 10-15 parking tickets . Partly because of his work there was no where to park.But what can you do you gotta go to work.Then his nxt place of work paid for a parking pass. That the other place didnt even tell him you could get one.

And because to pay the machine they are changing all of them to CHIP from using coins. So make sure at the bank you ask for the normall PIN card but also a CHIP one too.

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Yeah watch the parking guys (and girls)

Once i got a parking ticket in holland. the fine was 0.25$ and 75$ administration fee

And yes always make sure you pay. Here in Lund (Sweden) we got a ticket at 3.30A.M. so they are awake day and night rain and shine