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1. Posted by Kpeach (First Time Poster 1 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

Going to Europe Solo! i needed some advice or tips? i think I'm most nervous about being lonely. Everyone is saying how ill make friends in hostels but i was already told to be like careful who i make friends with too. ( I'm traveling alone cause my friends flaked but i really wanted to go)

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Nah, it's not about being careful who you make friends with - in fact, I would say, talk to as many people as possible!
It's about keeping your head about you and staying aware of your situation and surroundings. Don't do anything stupid and you'll be fine! There is a difference between making friends with people and suddenly trusting them with anything.

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hi :)

I'm doing the same, heading over to Paris in August!

Do things like couchsurfer and workaway, it will help you meet people, and yeah hostels :)

The more i read about it on blogs, and people who have done the same, they seem to have no problem meeting people, so dont worry :)

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In general I think it's usually very easy to find out before hand about the "mentallity" of a hostel and pick the one that suits your needs. Check their very own website description, read reviews on the internet/guidebooks, or talk with other travelers ....

Many hostels are relaxed places and although sometimes people traveling on a large group usually tend to stick with their own company, solo travelers or people traveling in smaller groups are usually keen to meet other people. People on a trip are usually more openminded, social and interested to new cultures, attitudes and people, so there is generaly a welcoming/feel good ambiance in hostels. Of course there are always some bad apples out there, but I believe they are a minority...

The most important creteria for how intruding/respectful/friendly/annoying other people might be, is usually your very own attitude though.Lots depend on your own "vybes" : )

All that said, I find the whole "You have to stay in hostels to meet fellow travelers" thing sort of overrated. It is easy to do so just visiting bars/restaurants/sites/areas that travelers visit too, or join a walking tour or a day tour or whatever. Meeting locals is maybe more imortant than meeting fellow travelers too. You get closer to the local cutlure, they know the ins and outs of a destination and can offer various tips and insight on all kind of issues.

I stay in hostels every now and then for budget purposes and 99% of stays are uneventful, but I much prefer to have a private room and my own space rather than sleep in a dorm with 10 other people. I find that a private room in a hostel does not make much difference cost-wise to a private room in a nice cosy local guesthouse or small B&B hotel, so if I have to chose between hotel or hostel, I go with hotel when finances allow. This is a personal thing though.

All that said, I feel thinking "My friends backed out of our trip, poor me, I need to meet other people to have a good time" is a really wrong attitude to start your first solo travel. Concentrate on the positive points rather than the negatives. Been able to see and do what you want when you want without having to compromise with someone else's mood and traveling style is great. Been flexible to change your mind too. Often solo traveling is safer than traveling as a group because you are more alert on your surroundings and you do not do stupid things thinking there is security in numbers or been influenced by a friend behaving silly. You do not get distracted and stay focused. So even nor meeting anyone is not the end of the world. It is true that solo traveling is not for everyone but you can not know if it suits you or not before trying. It is up to you to decide how you want to travel, what you feel comfortable with... Live and learn...

Have a great Trip and Let us know how it went !!!