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I am a naturalized American citizen, born in Transylvania, Romania. We immigrated to the U.S. in 1987, had our Romanian citizenship confiscated (due to the regime); however, we bought it back in 1992 (but have no paperwork to prove it).

I am now 30 and getting my doctorate, pay my taxes on time, and have no criminal background whatsoever. For familial reasons, I would like to get my Romanian passport. I can read and understand Romanian very well, although my spoken Romanian is only ok. I still have my original Romanian passport saved from when I was born.

How can I get my Romanian passport reinstated? How long will it take? I live in Los Angeles and have family in Miami (for the purposes of visiting the Romanian Embassy). There is very little clear advice on the web or on the Romanian consulate website in Washington D.C.

Thank you in advance.

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There's no magic bullet here. Are you imagining any other choice except starting up a dialogue with the Romanian Embassy? I think not.

Good luck.


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The way me and my friends did it was to find a lawyer connected to a lawyer in Roumania and they should work it out You will not get much joy from any Roumanian Embassy

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I have friend in Romania (from UK like me), bu he has big trouble with this. I can't remember how he resolved that, but he living in Cluj 3 year.