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Has anyone faced a situation in any country that some type of bank cards would not be accepted by local ATMs or at the shops? Any problem in any country if e.g. you only have MasterCard or Visa?


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MasterCard and Visa are very common cards throughout the world. I use them all the time and have never had any trouble getting them accepted. Some small shops may be an exception, but it is unlikely that all businesses would reject them.

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We've never had an issue with MC or Visa. Amex is not always accepted. We also check to be sure the bank issuing the card knows your travel plans and does not charge foreign transaction fees. (These can really add to your costs.) Most of the card readers in Europe now use the cards with chips, although we were able to use our non-chip cards OK in 2014.
If you can, also see if you can use an ATM/Debit card that does not charge foreign transaction or ATM fees. Ours did not and it was very nice to get them credited back upon our return to the USA.

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I had an issue in Myanmar. Most of their ATMs are very new, meaning they only accept the newer debit cards associated with visa and matercard. Cards with 'Plus' just weren't sufficient. Granted mine is old enough that it's expiring this year, but it was still a hassle. Luckily I had a travel partner, because for the whole month I was unable to withdraw money. I rarely use credit cards travelling so I can't comment too much for that one.

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I've been going to SE Asia for the past few years, and in both Laos and Vietnam some banks do not take my USA bank cr/db cards, but there are other banks where it is not a problem. Be sure to only use an ATM outside of an open bank - recently in Hoi An, Vietnam the Eximbank's ATM swallowed my debit card. Because the bank was open at this time, I just walked inside and asked that they return my card - no problem.

In Malaysia at a Maybank, some ATM's would not handle my debit card while others were programmed for international cards, and I did get my cash.