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1. Posted by soliqa (Respected Member 284 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Probably one of the most annoying things to happen while travelling. Anyone got any stories of their own experiences with plane delays or "technical problems".

Gelli, I think you're exempted from this topic!!

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in the past because of a plane delay i wasn't able to check into my hotel because the reception closed at 10pm and i didn't get there until 11.30pm. i ended up checking into a more expensive place and had to cut out a few places i wanted to visit because i couldn't afford them

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I just copied this from a thread in the General Forum

My first travel solo was to the States. I was going out to San Fransisco to eventually meet up with friends from college but the first part of the trip was alone.

I remember the plane taxiing down the runway in Ireland and thinking "Oh jeeeesus". I had to stopover in Newwark for 4 hours - my bags had been checked right through at Shannon so I didnt have to go through the hassle of picking them up and going through check-in all over again. I started to relax in Newwark and really enjoyed my few hours wandering around.

Boarded the plane four hours later and we took our place in the queue on the runway. An hour passed, we hadnt moved, another hour passed and still we sat cut it short, we were grounded for another 4 hours. We were not allowed to get off the plane. There had been a fire in Heuston, TExas and threw everything out of whack in Newark. The air hostesses kept giving people food and drink to shut them up and put on the in-flight movie which, ironically, was "Gone in Sixty Seconds"

I didnt get into SF until the next day - I had been travelling for some crazy amount of hours, which I forget now. I was DOG TIRED! I think I slept for almost a full day when I got to SF.

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I LOVE plane delays!!! and Over-bookings!!!! and cancelations!!!
I have gotten more free flights that way;)
When they ask for volunteers...I have crawled under ropes to get them...I am still sitting on two free round trip tickets anywhere Northwest flys....

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I've been lucky enough to have only a few, very brief delays (including a recent bout of being stuck on the runway in Toronto during a thunderstorm - and I'd finished my book already!).

The most frustrating delay happened when my b/f came over to Montreal last April. We hadn't seen each other in 7 months - plus he was only here for 10 days - and his flight to Amsterdam was four hours late so he missed ALL connecting flights to North America. It cut a day off our vacation - and I remember going shopping that day to try to distract myself, but ended up stuck with a knot in my stomach.

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I've never been seriously affected by delays. Last year in August we had some bad storms. I was at Heathrow to fly to Helsinki and every plane on the departures board except for 2 or 3 was delayed or cancelled. My flight left on time!!! I always seem to get lucky!

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Gelli, I think you're exempted from this topic!!

Not entirely, although mostly. Have been on receiving end of some plane delays when waiting to meet people etc, and have friends who have been involved with, urm, incidents. And in Jan due to the storms, they'd cancelled all planes so the trains were a tad busy and i got a 8 hour stand (on a swiveling toliet seat, with my neck bent in a strange direction to fit)on a train i had a reservation for due to it being the only thing going north.

But that's not really the same thing

8. Posted by soliqa (Respected Member 284 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

i have the funniest image in my head of you standing on a swivelling toilet seat with your neck bent in a strange direction. what a classic!!

9. Posted by Isadora (Travel Guru 13926 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

My Dad would book most of our Jamaica trips that we took together. He would use Apple Vacations (then known as Thompson Vacations), who weren't all that reliable anyway. One flight was delayed 13 hours - all which we spent sitting in a bar in O'Hare airport. We had fun talking with the different bartenders as they changed shifts and watching the people flow in and out. We weren't happy that a good portion of our first day (of 7) was lost, but we did talk a lot and I heard stories i had never heard him tell before. We made the best of a bad situation. It was also the year the airport personnel stole the jewelry out of his checked luggage (removing a lock and zip-strips to do so). Apple sent us $100 vouchers for our next Apple Vacation. There weren't any - I started booking our trips.

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A client of mine, decided 2 save a couple of bucks and use a charter plane to hawaii instead of a regular airline. Well, this crappy plane left oahu to maui. All the sudden 10 minutes into the flight, the roof of the plane started to peel back!! True story!