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Hi there !

This is going to be the first family trip which, I think, will be a bit different from travelling as solo. We should fly around August 12th and think spending about 1 month there. I'm open for the itinerary but really want to visit Bosnia and Kosovo. I like to avoid touristic places and prefer to be as closed as the locals as possible. Our baby will be 10 months old. Need suggestions from parents who got there : Itinerary ? Best way to get around and what to carry (stroller, car seat, baby wearing ? Where to sleep, do I need to bring a crib? Food, diapers ? Milk (I don't know if I will be still breastfeeding at this time...) What activities can we do with the baby, what can't we do ?

Thank you ! Look forward to read you guys !


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You really need to spend time doing your homework and researching the places that interest you.
People on here can say what they are interested in but it may not be what you want to do with a small child.
You are traveling in Europe babies live there all the things you need you should be able to purchase.
You haven't said what transport you are using, coach, train, private car, local buses, you would only need a car seat if traveling in your own car. I would have thought you would most definitely need a pram.
You will have to check out the hotels etc where you are staying to check if they have a cot for the little one.
I wouldn't have thought you would be breast feeding at 10 months most babies start weening at 6 months, by 10 months he'll be eating solids and finger foods. For the last feed before bed you could try baby with a baby cup with the milk in, if you will be still sterilizing use tablets.
You will need to check the country for the milk product you buy I would think you will be able to get what you buy but just check this out.
Obviously this will take some organizing but don't get stressed take you time and you should have a lovely time. It may be better to stay in places longer than you normally would to get a rest.