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1. Posted by rowan (First Time Poster 1 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

my boyfriend and I are travelling to Italy in july and planning to stay for seven weeks,staying in naples, rome, siena, certaldo, florence,bologna and finishing off in venice. I have a budget of around £3800, $7193. I have been planning this trip for a couple of years so I am really excited about it. I am 19 and i am a bit of a virgin traveller. I have booked all of my accomodation and flights so thats not a problem but does anyone have any advice on places to visit and must see sights-equally anything to give a miss? I have been reading alot about itlay but does anyone have any advice on Italian customs or security measures to take when staying in hostels and big cities? Also would anyone advice getting a railcard? I am a European resident so I understand that I would have to purchase an Iter-rail card, if anyone has had one is it worth the money? I understand that public transport is pretty cheap in Itlay anyway, as you can see from my itinary I will be making quite a few trips. Any advice would be much appreciated. good luck to everyone with their travels!

2. Posted by LittleMad (Full Member 42 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

I think that best thing that you can do, it's buy lonley planet guide about italy.
There you will find all your answers to your questions.
I'm italian and i live in Rome, if you need something don't esitate to call me :)

On you can find all about train in Italy, and if you prenote 1 month or some weeks a ticket before you wanna go somewehere, you will find good prices. (at 9? for each ticket)

I suggest you don't visit naples (people of naples are really brigants as kind of people, and there is an high percent of criminality) maybe is better to you visit more south of italy!
Calabria, Sicilia and Puglia are beautifull places with a beautifull sea, food are wonderfull and very cheap respect north of italy.

I don't know Certaldo, and Siena.
Florence, Rome and Venice are really city expensive, above all if you are foreign and people try to put high price to you.

I suggest if you wanna stay in Hotel, choice 3 stars hotel, so you are sure that will find clean rooms, and bath in with good services.
Obviusly a B&B is a good think, but i never used in italy.

Don't go every day at restaurant, but try to find some hotel, or B&B where you can cook something.


3. Posted by georgel (Budding Member 10 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

I am an American, living in Italy for the last 6 months. WE, [my wife and I] have been living in Sestri Levanti in the provence of liguria. Train travel is cheap and convient all over the west coast of italy. Liguria is molto buono, don't miss it. I love genova as far as big cities go.
Puglia Has terrific food maby the best in Italy if you like fresh seafood. Prices are much cheaper than in the north. however whereas in Liguria Train and bus transport is ubiqitus, Its less so in Pulia. So depending on where you go you might consider renting a car. Leschi? is beautiful and the train station is only a couple of blocks from the old city.
We have enjoyed living on the Italian riviera for the winter but are fleeing before the tourist season gets into full swing.

4. Posted by pelota (Budding Member 17 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

i'm italian and i live in perugia, umbria. i read the messages before mine, and it's clear that everyone has its own opinions about how to travel and what to see...
as far as i'm concerned, i would strongly suggest to visit napoles, since it's one of the most beautiful city in italy, people is really kind and "warm", and for the crime, well, find a place in the world where there is not...just eyes open and you'll have really good fun there!
don't agree either with 3 star hotels, better look for "pensione", smaller, family runed, simple but clean and much cheaper.
the last thing about food. the beauty of italy is also because every place is different from the other, travelling from north to south it's like travelling from one country to another, so, also the food is different eveywhere and delicious everywhere.

enjoy your trip,

5. Posted by samsara_ (Travel Guru 5353 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Hey Rowan,

Sent you some PMs.


6. Posted by LittleMad (Full Member 42 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

ehehe naturally everyone have different impression.
For example in Puglia, i don't suggest cities like Bari or Foggia....
I think that it's better in Puglia rent a car, and see all cost from Sea Ionio to Sea Adriatico, i have done and there are a lot of places to see, very wonderfull.
In morning at sea, and in night to dance in a club.

Naples i think that isn't a good place, because to example people of naples with helmet to go on scooter are blocked from Police, because they don't use helmet to protect (nobody use helmet on scooter in Naples) but only to hide face to do some crime intent.

recently (one month ago) i read on newspaper of war of drugs in naples between gangs. Guys of 17 year old death in the city, killed from guns.

I don't think that this happen in Venice everyday, or in Florence.
In Bari, in puglia this happening... and this it's reason that i tell too that Bari it's not a good place.

rome it's a big city, and naturally there are some problems about criminality, but i don't think it's so different from other biggest cities like Paris or London.

I don't understand why puglia's food are so terrible to Georgel.
Puglia it was a places of man that work on terrain to produce foods, and we always have cooked foods from sea.
But i think that it's same in Sicily and Sardegna... and i think that place are beuty.

Obviusly, i don't say that someone must go only there... my way to travel it's generally stay away from big cities, and try to go in places where pople living everyday, so i can feel same sansation, of food, of language, and life of them people.
So i prefer little town, and i like discover places that normally are not visited from "fast traveller"

But i think that best guide to everyone it's lonely planet. So try it.
I'm from Taranto, and i live in Rome, so i can surely help to this cities.

In all italy, above all than other countries, it's always well stay allert own things.
For example, in french school i see bags on pavment free to stay there, because no one woould steal it.
In italy school if you left alone a bag, it's surely (especially in south, because we have less progress in our mentality) that after some hours you don't find it anymore.

Best way to travel, therefore it's do friendship with people of that place which you travelling. So you can really see what it's good or bad.

and remember "il pacco napoletano" it's famous in all Italy...
litterally mean "naples's pack", when someone try to fooling you around to steal some money to you.

I don't suggest naples at virgin foreign... it's not a good place to a novice of travelling. Everyday in naples happen something out of law more than other cities

7. Posted by beppe (Full Member 144 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Ehi you get a lot of suggestions....

... anyway remember always that every country or town could be dangerous more or less. It depend from your behaviour so just be simple don't put glod thing or stuff like that take your money in agood pocket and don't believe to all people... you can feel if a person is good or bad all over the world.

If you have opportunity i suggest you to go also to sardinia that has a beatiful sea and nature as sicily may be not in august that it's full you can take boat from civitavecchia close to rome o livorno 100 km from florence.

I'm from bologna so if you need specific info for this write me


8. Posted by LittleMad (Full Member 42 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

boat it's a looooong looooong way to go in Sardinia... 6 hour and boat are always full...

a lot of my friend that live in Sardinia prefer use Areoplane