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Hello everyone,
So my husband and I are young, both in our early 20's. We have been talking about moving to europe for years, and are trying to narrow down a place that we would like to visit to scope out where we want to live.
My husband is in the airforce here in the USA, and we have another 3 years or so before he will be allowed to leave, or to extend his contract. We want to try and get stationed on a US airforce base somewhere in europe, ideally, but if one is not avilaible we would just move there.

By the time we will be moving, we will likely have 1-2 more members of the family at a very young age, as well as two dogs.

But we are trying to weigh the pros and cons of having our children here vs waiting until we are in europe.
Pros to having them here in the USA are - they are born here, and if they ever wanted to come back to the usa they could with less hassle
We have family here, so will have emotional support. We are already well established here in the us so would not struggle so much.
Pros to having them in Europe are: Better healthcare, no worry about going into overwhelming debt to have a child. Better schooling, when our child does reach the appropriate age we don't have to be concerned with them getting a less than par education. They will learn about different cultures and expriences.

At this point we are in the planning stage, and trying to decide what we want to do and where we want to live. So any advice would help. :)
We have been researching places like Germany, New Zeland, Sweden, and Norway.

Our requirements for wherever we live are as follows:
Moderate to warm climate. Would prefer a place with a history of very mild winters, But would give that up if it was the best place to raise a child.
Good job outlook. We want to live somewhere where it wont take months to find a job
Ease of moving - not our largest priority, but I have read that France is very hard to move to, as well as italy, which is why we arent considering them.
Location and public transportation. We want to live in a town just on the border of a large city, where we can have a very large yard yet still be close enough to go out at night if we wish. good public trans system would be a plus as well.
Great childcare system in place. I want my children to be taken care of.

I could also use some advice for buying new vs shipping the things we have now. If it is worth it to simply purchase all new furniture upon moving to our chosen location.


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Have you ever actually been anywhere in Europe?

Also, New Zealand isn't in Europe it's next to Australia.

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Cambridge is an incredibly good place to either raise a family or stay on holiday. It's a cultural and historical city with low crime rates. Loads of villages on the outskirts of the city, arguably the best university in the world. Good healthcare and education and a very good public transport system. If you have any questions feel free to ask :)

Also, New Zealand is on the opposite side of the world from Europe.

P.S. Bear in mind that Sweden and Norway are insanely expensive and none of the three European Countries you named are English speaking. Which may or may not be a problem for you.

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A lot hinges on whether you can get that usaf airbase posting. I think your best first step is to look at visas and figure out which countries, if any, will let you live and work there. "We would just move there" is not really an option.

None of your european list have very mild winters. However if you can tolerate harsh winters, Norway and Sweden have amongst the highest living standards in the world. But as with anywhere in Europe, you'd be expected to learn the language, and your language skills put you at a disadvantage for getting jobs - hopefully you have some saleable skills to counterbalance this.

You may find this article interesting :

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