Spa, Spiritual or Relaxation Retreats in Costa Rica?

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Hi All,

I'm travelling to Costa Rica in late February/early March and am looking for spas or spiritual retreats across the country. This is the first time I've been to Costa Rica.

I'd love to find a place that has massage services, yoga or meditation. It doesn't have to be an actual resort (I'm actually staying in hostels) but there's got to be SOMETHING that someone can recommend. I'm going for my birthday so I suppose I'm hoping to have some sort of deep experience there...!

Any and all advice about anything at all is much appreciated!


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This will not be of much help but I do remember when I was researching Costa Rica two years ago that there was a very nice spa I found on the internet which appeared to feature Yoga classes. I think it was in the central part of the country. It looked great.

There is also the hot springs around Arenal, both very commerical and small and rustic. And of course, the beaches -- there are places on the pacific side that could arrange massages, etc. We stayed in Mal Pais and the owner arranged horse back rides and massages. Reading in a hammock with a view of the ocean was pretty spiritual for me. I can find the name of the little resort if you are interested.

Good luck. Costa Rica is a wonderful destination.


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Knew I had these somewhere . . .

None are cheap, but they all look interesting. If you are interested in Tabacon be careful how you make you reservation. We thought we had a room for two nights and found out we had no guaranteed reservation when we got there. Another family had the same trouble while we were waiting for a taxi to a nearby hostel.

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I personall recommend Hotel Posada in Costa Rica..the owner herself is into Zen and Yoga and can recommend areas all over Costa Rica for you..We have personlly stayed there several times and have always loved it.........the food is great, the area is quiet and is not a fancy resort but if you like peace nature and tranquility and good company you wont go wrong............. altho the dont really advertize the yoga etc on their website, you can inquire and be rewarded with wonderful answers.......see the website at

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Just thought I would come back and let everyone know that all those years ago I did have a great experience at Cascada Verde near Playa Uvita.

I highly recommend it. I was there for 3-4 nights, met great friends, ate healthy food, and had a great retreat away from it all!

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So, I just received this moderator comment and I don't know how to respond directly to the moderator, but here it is:

beerman has responded to the thread : "Spa, Spiritual or Relaxation Retreats in Costa Rica?".
Moderator comment: In your first post, you state you have never been to Costa Rica. Now you state you were there. This strikes me as nothing more than an attempt to promote yourself. I will watch your posts carefully for this, and in the meantime, please read the Forum Rules so you know what is and is not allowed. Thank you.

Just so everyone knows, this is not for personal gain. I did state that I had never been to Costa Rica... however I am the original poster of this thread and since then I HAVE been to Costa Rica.

I just recently became active on TP again, and realized this post was still here. I'm horrible about going back after the fact and sharing my experiences so I thought I would try to be helpful and let everyone know what I ended up doing/finding.

Cascada Verde is seemingly in the middle of nowhere. Especially when you take a late bus from San Jose and end up on the edge of Playa Uvita in complete darkness. It was an adventure to get off the bus and backpack through the outskirts of the village, through the countryside by moonlight and flashlight, only to find that the eco-lodge itself was experiencing a power outage that night! A night I'll never forget - we met great friends and ended up in a neighboring village on one of the nights of our stay because we were invited by the lodge's founder. In the neighboring village there was an international meet-up of sorts and I met people from the US, the Netherlands, other parts of Central America, France, etc. I'll always have fond memories of my trip and the people I met while in Costa Rica.

I'm not trying to promote myself and I have read the forum rules. As the original poster of the thread I am simply adding my experience after the fact.


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