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Thailand weather in September

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Looking for anybody who has been to Thailand in September who can give me an idea of what the weather was like. I know September is still in the rainy season but i've been looking online and getting some mixed messages, some sites are saying the rain is starting to tail off come Sept but others are saying its the heaviest/wettest month of the rainy season. I know the weather can never be guaranteed but a general idea would be nice. Also, i understand that Thailand also has micro climates and the rain falls at different times of the season across the country? What might be the best route to travel for the month to try and avoid the worst of the rain?

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I went to Thailand in September a few years ago and didn't have much rain. There were short, sharp bursts of it in Bangkok, and on Koh Samui there was perhaps a little more, but certainly not to the extent that it affected my holiday at all. It's not a bad time to go because you're out of season and therefore prices are lower and there are fewer tourists. I'm not sure how other parts of the country are affected though, or if some islands are inaccessible at that time of year due to rough seas.

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Thailand might be bigger than you think. You may have rain in one location and be rain free in other cities. For many cities the rain may last an hour or two and stop. Sometimes no rain at all. Sometimes, in low areas, with a heavy rain you might get a little street flooding until the debris is removed from the grates and the drains catch up.

Plus side is that hotels are cheaper. Most of the time you can get a hotel booking with a walk-in and plant life looks more alive. Millions of tourists visit during the rainy season. Some repeat tourists only visit during the rainy season. Most of the time if at a beach area you can get enough sunshine to keep you happy. You can't stay out on the beach all day in the sun anyway, unless you don't mind a sunburn and maybe some skin cancer when you are older. (If you are a female too much sun will make your face look decades older too. On a guy too much sun just makes you look craggy and ruggedly handsome!)

I find the rainfall closer to Bangkok (Hua Hin, Pattaya, Jomtien) to be more predictable where it is over in an hour or two. Also you notice the rain coming in and can head for a bar, restaurant, a mall or hop in bed. If you are retired or slightly older Hua Hin might work out okay for a beach area. Younger, just out of school look into Koh Phangan. Kids like to go there for Full Moon Parties. Koh Samui should be okay.

Don't skip Bangkok. Even if caught out in the rain you can find something to do inside. Bangkok is cheaper than most of the beaches down south. I would expect rain for Chiang Mai but that would not stop me from visiting. You just adjust to whatever weather is outside. When not raining it may be overcast and cloudy with sunshine peeking through. There are days without any rain.

I can't remember being in Thailand (off and on almost 20 years) where it has rained continuously all day long. Probably happens but it wasn't memorable. Well I guess if I had planned on walking through the woods all day long it could be a problem. The rain is not cold. Most of the time a fold up umbrella works good enough. Raining really hard just sit it out unless you are an amphibian!

P.S. Don't walk through flood water for the fun of it. In that water you have oil, gasoline, garbage, various chemicals, etc. mixed in. Wash your feet off immediately. Most sidewalks are raised to keep you out of the big puddles. Often there are awnings over sidewalks too.

Do a Google check for "rain in Thailand during September."

Depends on what you want to do.

Some tourists use a little rain as an excuse to take in a cooking school, get a massage, visit a museum, check a movie out, wander a mall or take some time to simply relax.

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