What camera should I take travelling?

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Hi guys, I'm going travelling in March to Australia, Indonesia, and South East Asia and I need some advice on what camera to take. I've heard gopros are really good because I want something compact and I like that you can go underwater with it and it takes some amazing picture but when it comes to uploading pictures on to social media or taking pictures off to save memory etc how would I go about doing that with a digital camera when I might not be able to get very good wifi connection. My iPhone is rubbish as it has hardly any memory to take pictures with so that can't be an option for taking pictures

So does anyone have any suggestions on what I should do about this? I also might take my iPad with me as I will be going for nearly a year so I can upload pictures on to this but I'm I'm worried I won't be able to because of wifi!

Any tips?????!


Felicity x

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I think cannon camera is best. Now buying more people.

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Some travelers save their photos in the "cloud" somewhere.

Gone are the days when I fly around with a couple Nikon 35 mm (film) cameras and a bunch of heavy lenses. In my old age I travel with an old, small, cheap automatic digital camera. I can save photos to a SD card. No problem storing SD cards in my bag and later on uploading photos to my computer, or at an internet shop when needed. I have used flash drives to save stuff too. I had good luck with a cheap Kodak that I won in a drug store raffle. There are better cameras available now with greater picture quality. But unless you intend to make huge enlargements all that extra pixels might not be necessary. I saved photos in emails too.

If you intend to sleep at cheap hostels, maybe in shared accommodation, it might be best to get a smaller camera that will fit in a safety box or safe. I have no problem with Nikons, Canon or even Sony cameras. Consumer Reports might have a review you can find useful.

Many hotels have wifi available. Some countries have a lot of cheap internet shops too. Even if you intend to sleep in the woods there may be a wifi reception you can get with a wifi dongle. My preference is a hotel with free wifi. (Some free wifi you get from McDonalds type places in Asia can ask for a lot of personal information to sign on. Depends on the country.) I have no problem with hotel wifi connections but be careful when accessing important or sensitive data in public locations.

Remember you have to carry this stuff all over the place. And safeguard the camera too! Would you rather drop a $1000 camera or a forget a $300 camera in a taxi? I protect my computer with a password. Also any sensitive links (banks, medical, government, etc.) those links do not have saved passwords! This is in case someone steals your computer.

Good luck.

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Hello, okay that's really helpful. If I was to use the Internet cafe can I put the SD in hose computers? Sorry I'm such a newbie with all this I'm used to just taking pictures on my phone and I'm loading straight to Facebook. Maybe I need multiple SD cards?


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I always have more than one SD card. But you can get a lot of photos on a single card. I have a cheap SD card adapter that snaps into the USB port. (Think I paid 70 - 100 baht or $2 or $3 USD, in Thailand.) Same adapter takes the smaller cards too. But some computers will take SD cards. Visit a computer store and look at their table and laptop computers. Also look at some cheap SD to USB adapters. On the road I use an old Netbook by Asus, I love it! Big storage capacity, durable, very cheap when I bought it - but it's XP and I don't like the replacements with the new screens.