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hey guys,
i am searching for sb who wants / is going to travel through Europe in summer 2016. I want to visit a few countries but all of my friends want to start studdying right after school. Maybe someone is in the same situation or want to have company. I do not really have a plan yet where i want to go but maybe you guys have some ideas. :)

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I love traveling solo so I am not into the finding-a-travel-partner scene. But a few general things you may consider:

Traveling in Europe next summer is too general to catch attention of someone. It is preferable to do some research and make a draft itinerary based on your budget/likes/interests. Deciding on some dates is important too.

You do not mention a time frame but usually it is easier to find a travel buddy for a shorter period of time than for weeks at a time and it is preferable not to make big commitments, What if you do not get along and you are tied with him/her for 3 months? Either you have to put up with a travel company you do not like either make a scene and break free and go through some unpleasant situations either way.

If you really need travel buddies, make sure it is not someone you just exchange a couple of e-mails online with. If possible, meet in person before the trip many times, get to know each other, try to understand personality, traveling style and habits of each other. Get into details both on travel practicalities but on trivial things too. See where you agree and where you disagree. Set rules and see where compromisses have to be made. Maybe one of you love luxury hotels, the other hostels, Maybe one has 150 euro budget/day but the other can afford only 50 euro . Maybe one is into partying and the other into museums. Maybe one would like to stay a week at each major city, the other one may wish to fit 4 destinations in a week and be on move every other day. You have to have a clear idea on those things and agree on some modus operandii... For example you do not have to spend all day and night together, maybe one wish to sleep longer while one wants to wake up, go see the sunrise and visit a sight on early morning. One makes clear that s/he is willing to go out for a beer every now and then but not getting wasted every night. This kind of thing...

All that said, there are tons of opportunities to meet visitors and locals on most places. Maybe you would feel more comfortable arranging some meet-ups or a walking tour here and there and see what happens rather than pre-arrange the whole thing? Just saying....

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