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I have just returned from a one week trip to Lima, Nasca, Cusco and Machu Picchu. My trip was arranged by Perusonqo (www.perusonqo.com)but I left Peru with a bitter taste in my mouth.

First, my trip was supposed to be full-board, which i confirmed with the agency manager Ana Blondet in our emails. However in Cusco, no dinner was arranged for me. The agency representative in Cusco had to fork money out of her own pocket for my dinner. She could only afford to give me about S/20 per day. I have to pay a part of my dinner despite paying 795 USD for a full-board trip!

Second, I also told the agency manager long before i set out for Peru that i wanted to join the Cusco city tour and the 4 ruins. The day before the tour, no agency told me the pick-up time. The agency representative (the same poor lady who gave me some money for dinner) had no idea which agency was appointed to give me the city tour. I waited until the actual day of the tour and still no agency contacted me or the hotel i stayed in. Again i called the representative of Perusonqo and again she had no idea of which agency was supposed to pick me up. In the end, i had to pay to join another agency for the city tour (costing about 20 USD, as opposed to the 40 USD which Perusonqo charged me!). I was thinking of getting a refund for the city tour from Perusonqo when the next day, the representative told me that the agency appointed by Perusonqo did go to pick me up at the hotel the previous day but i had already left for the city tour which i paid for myself!!

I was also not given vouchers for the hotels and guided tours by Perusonqo. Luckily, these were not insisted upon by the hotels and the other agencies or i had to fork out more money or refused into the tours.

While all these were happening, the manager of Perusonqo was uncontactable by cell phone. She was on a 40 days tour of Peru with another client! Both representatives in Lima and Cusco had absolutely no idea what the details of my itinerary are (besides only knowing the time to pick me up to go to the airport and bus stations) and they can only wait for the manager to contact them for clarifications of my itinerary.

It finally emerges that Perusonqo was a one-woman operation and i am in a unlucky situation to visit Peru at the same time she has to accompany a client.

My advice to those going to Peru is, it is better and may even be cheaper to join a guided tour while in Peru. This i realised after paying 20 USD for the Cusco city tour that Perusonqo overcharged me by asking for 40 USD. Maybe a difference of 5 USD is ok, but 20 USD?? I have nothing to say about paying so much but it is worse to find that services were not up to the required standards. And i am still waiting for Ana Blondet who showed so much enthusiasm before i decided to join her tour, to explain to me what had happened.

Finally, if you are going to fly from Madrid to Lima, do not consider about flying with Air Madrid. the fare may be cheap, about 500 to 600 euros but the delay caused by the airline is also long. I was supposed to arrived in Lima at about 10pm on 9 April but the arrival time was 2am , 10 April! Flight from Lima to Madrid on 16 April (Lima time) was delayed ONLY for 2 hrs but this made me missed the last flight from Madrid to Paris on the 17 April. I had to settle for the first flight from Madrid to Paris on 18 April, after spending about 12 hrs in Madrid Barajas airport.

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Oh dear!... You really do sound UNHAPPY & DISAPPOINTED

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Ohhh what a bad experience, sorry to hear it from you...you?ve mentioned a lot of reason why I love to travel in my own and do my own itinerary

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You have a bad experience man!

Take it easy because these people are making business and they do it !

So i suggest you as you are done to promote this guys... and may be send a lawyer letter to them for getting back some money ... it takes time but if you make nopise usually they prefer to pay a little to you .

Good luck