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Hey :)
I'm travelling round South East Asia for four months before going to Australia. I live a completely Plant Based Diet so I don't eat sugar, gluten, dairy, meat or fish and I'm starting to worry about if I will struggle to mantain this when i'm travelling. I really want to stay as healthy as possible and don't want to gain any weight when i'm away.

Would like to hear any vegan or plant based experiences or just hear what people have to say regarding the cuisines and any advice you have for me?
Is fruit, vegetables and nuts available in Asia (not worried about Oz as I think i'll be right at home there)

Thank you!!!

From one Crazy Vegan Girl

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There are grocery stores in most major cities that carry vegetables, fruit and nuts, as that's also used in local cooking. The markets are also a cheaper place you can get your fruits and vegetables and you can find them just about anywhere. Fruit vendors are also quite easy to find and the fruit is cut up already. Some of the pineapple might have sugar applied to it (when pre-cut) to make it sweeter. Most of the smoothie street stands will add sugar or syrup to the drink, so I'd watch out for that. Fish sauce is frequently used for cooking, so you probably won't be eating much of the local food (based on my experience in Thailand).

A friend with Celiacs came to visit and with eating out, she had a pretty hard time keeping GF because of all the sauces or random bread that got thrown in soups or salads (Thailand, Malaysia and Cambodia). We always made an effort to ask, but it's not really a concept that's fully understood out there, even with translations. I'm assuming you'd be preparing most of your own meals unless you find specialty restaurants in touristy areas that can cater for you. In that case, it would be possible to do.

I've traveled Thailand a couple times as a vegetarian, as well as Indonesia (the birthplace of tempeh, though its not always gluten free), China, Nepal (an easy one, lots of daal!), Malaysia, the Philippines (amazing mangoes!), Laos, and Myanmar, though my only concern was making sure there wasn't any meat or fish sauce in my food. Sugar, salt and oil are in a lot of the dishes there. Nearly everything we ate was restaurant or take out. The hardest countries were China, because of language barriers and they put meat in nearly everything, even the veg dishes, and the Philippines juts in terms of availability of vegetarian options.