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Need help to estimate budget

Travel Forums General Talk Need help to estimate budget

1. Posted by windly (First Time Poster 1 posts) 2y Star this if you like it!

Hello there guys,

I guess a lot of you know the website where you can basicaly travel for minimum price for crappy volunteer work. Im planning a whole year trip doing this, staying on 12different places for 12months (or 10 or 11).
What do you think would be minimum budget for this? Taking into consideration you would have month free accomodation (and in some places also food) I think around 2 000e would be enough? expenses would mostly be ONLY for traveling and maybe some night out or whatever.
What do you think is it real with this low budget? Im not a big spender also.

2. Posted by karazyal (Travel Guru 1949 posts) 2y Star this if you like it!

I am assuming you mean travel to foreign countries and not just roam around your own country.


For foreign travel you will need some sort of official permission to enter the country. Sometimes you must buy a Tourist Visa, sometimes you can enter for free with a stamp in the passport at the airport. Some countries will not let you enter free without a "proof of onward travel" which is usually a flight out of the country.

For some countries you may not be able to leave your home country without a tourist visa you buy ahead of time. Some foreign countries require a work permit even for volunteer work. Some "volunteer project managers" don't care if you are working legally or not - you are the one who will end up in jail or in trouble with the authorities.

Different countries - different rules! Not all countries are treated the same when entering a foreign country, some visitors with the right passports can enter easily and stay longer. Some countries - not so long and not so easy! (Depends on the passport you leave home with.)

Not all countries are the same for living expenses.

You should have some sort of medical insurance in case you get sick or in an accident.

You don't say where you are starting from and where your first country will be. For a start you can check the cost of plane rides to that first country and see how much it costs. One way flights can sometimes cost almost the same as round trip flights.

I think you should plan on staying out of the country for a shorter amount of time just to see how you do financially. Research each country you want to visit, know if you need a work permit. Know if you need a round trip or another flight out of the country. (Proof of onward travel.) For any particular country you are interested in visiting do a simple Google search for budget for tourist, daily cost for visitor, how much money, etc.. Check expat forums for that country. Unless you are going to the moon someone has been to that particular country before and has written a blog or responded to a question on a travel forum.

3. Posted by backpackblogger (Budding Member 58 posts) 2y Star this if you like it!

Hi Windly,

As a person who has done lots of workaway type stuff (through wwoof and helpx, however), I thought I could offer some insight.

I think your 2000 euro is a bit low, even as a person who has done lots of major shoestring travel. That gives you less than 40 euro a week before flights. Maybe as low as 20 euro a week after flights. You'll need things like clothes to replace the ones you wear out working, toothpaste, new socks, the occasional night out, and maybe transport between places. Plus the workaway fee. Plus any visas you may need. 20 euro a week would be enough - just. *BUT*

Having met people traveling like this, they often have horror stories of getting stuck in awful situations. Usually because they had no choice. (e.g. "They were the only host who responded to us, and we didn't have anywhere to sleep." Or, upon showing up at a nightmare exchange, "We had nowhere to go, and there was no internet/service for us to contact other hosts and try to leave.")

The more money you have, the more control you have over your situation. You can afford to spend a few nights in a hostel waiting for someone who seems like a really great host to have space for you.

Hope that helps/makes sense!

Also: If you really think of the stuff you'll be doing as "crappy volunteer work," you may want to reconsider work exchange as your travel option. In my experience, it takes a host and volunteer who both have the outlook that this is a *fun* situation for everyone to be happy. If a worker resents the work before it even starts, or the host resents the worker's 'mooching" before they even arrive... everyone will have a bad experience.

Hope that helps! Apologies for the length.