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Planning to cross Asia, mainly on the route of Paul Theroux in the great railway carrousel. No planes, just trains. And buses and long walks in between. More time then money and traveling on my own. Been all over nepal allready. Questions;

1; anybody some experience in this kind of travelling, always welcome with advice, i can give any info about nepal by the way

2; especially crossing borders like the one from india to myanmar or Iran to Pakistan (remember no planes) is important for preparation (visa, possibilties for the trick with the table and the money going under it, customs,...) so if you ever crossed one of these borders over land...



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I crossed the last one from Vietnam into China. It was pretty easy having already obtained the Chinese Visa. I crossed in North Vietnam, you walk across a bridge, to Hekou China, then took a train to Kunming. Really liked Northern Vietnam.

Good luck on some of those other crossings and the whole trip...seems like QUITE an adventure.

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hey man if u have any problems regarding your trip to pakistan then i can help u . i live in khi . goodluk for urt trip

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Hey Nick

WOW! What an adventure!

I'm doing Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam by train and bus but haven't done it yet so can't give you any advice based on experience.

One Tip: I have read on numerous blogs that you need to book some train tickets in advance (day before I'm guessing). Especially the over night journeys.

Another Tip: On trains choose a bottom sleeper berth so that you can put your bag under you to prevent/deter theft.

Oh, and check the visa thing - as you probably know some countries won't let you in if you haven't got one beforehand. Not all countries issue visas upon entry. For example: China, Cambodia, Vietnam.

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I am tour operator in Vietnam, Normally we issue visa at entry so do not worry. from vietnam it is easy to travel to China, everyday we have bus from hanoi to Viengtien ( laos) and from HCMC to Cambodia ( where you can travel by boat or bus.
-snip- Welcome to you:)

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