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Hi everyone,

A friend of mine and I are planning to take a trip to Vietnam and South China for about a month and a half, from mid-November to the very end of December.
We are planning to start the trip in Ho Chi Minh City, travel in Vietnam for about three weeks and then go into China for a three week trip as well, ending the trip in Hong Kong.

While we think we have our plans for Vietnam mostly covered (we have a friend who went there and was extremely helpful), we would love some help in planning an itinerary for our trip in China. We know that we want our trip to end in Hong Kong, and we have our eyes on the area of Guilin. Apart from that, we would love some tips.

So, my question is - given the above information, what things would you recommend us to see? What areas would you recommend us to go through? Any additional tips, information, etc. is of course welcome!

Thank you all in advance!

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China what a country but changing fast and anyone wanting to visit should do it sooner rather than later.
I have travel there a couple of times, the first time we did the tourist route, taking in the Great Wall, Beijing, Shanghai,Terracotta warriors etc all must sees and definitely recommended. YOu will not have a problem with the language.

Southern China is a hole different ball game.

You need to apply for a Visa in Vietnam before you travel I should think you have checked this out already,hope you have anyhow. You may be offered a 15 day or 30 day depends on the agent get the 30 day. Go to different agents and check out the prices they can differ quite a bit.
If you get the chance as you travel in Vietnam do go to Halong Bay on a boat trip 3 or 4 days if you have the time it is well worth the visit.

In Southern China few ordinary people speak English, the younger ones will help you in restaurants or at rail way station coach stations they are a wonderful people.
The menus in restaurants are in Chinese so you won't have a clue even if there are pictures, it's challenge but so worth the trip and part of the adventure of travel.
Do your research into where and what you want to see.
We stayed in the Home Inn group of hotels, the staff spoke English and they gave instructions written down in Chinese for the taxi driver. Taxi drivers do not speak English!!
Coach drivers do not speak English, if you want rail tickets go to the line at the station for foreign visitors to get your tickets or ask someone to help.
We took the train from Shanghai to Hong Kong an overnight sleeper train, very inexpensive when we traveled you even get your own slippers provided and crisp clean linen sheets.
China is a wonderful country full of history, great museums, vast with so much to see and do and you'll not do it all in your first visit.
Have a great trip but keep safe.

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South China simplified Chinese traditional Chinese is a geographical and cultural region that covers the southernmost part of China. Its precise meaning varies with context. Its a beautiful travel destination.
In Trang An, boat trips are offered to enable visitors to explore the breathtaking beauty of the maze-like aquatic cave system famed as the “sole aquatic cave system” in Viet Nam’s Northern Delta region. The caves, sculpted into an unlimited variety of geological formations, each reaching from dozens of meters to hundreds of meters in length, are connected by 31 “thung” (lakes). Distinguished from one to the other by its own unique beauty or a fairy tale attached, each bears its own name, such as Sang (Light) Cave, Toi (Dark) Cave, Ba Giot (three-drop) Cave, Nau Ruou (Brewing wine) Cave, Dia Linh Cave, Ao Trai Cave, Si Cave, Sinh Cave..
Trang is a very nice lakes destination in Vietnam. I think you should try for a better experience.

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Hi!i have travelled in China and for the most part it is nice but I don't want to generalize very hard to communicate cause not many people speak English or very helpful.I went to Shanghai,Suzhou which is like Venice with the canals and being Beijing.