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23 Day Break - Singapore - Malaysia - Thailand - Burma

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1. Posted by Kingdom34 (Budding Member 2 posts) 2y Star this if you like it!

Hi All

Wanting some advice on places that are "must" visits, Visa advice and generally opinions on the following flexible plan:

Do I need any Visa's to visit specific places - Burma/Thailand?

27th Dec - Fly to Singapore

28-29th - Singapore - Sentosa Island/Raffles/Laser Show/Markets/Night Safari

Dec 30th - Checkout - Bus from Singapore to KL - Malaysia
30th-2nd Jan - KL - Markets - Temples?!

Jan 2nd - Bus to Cameron Highlands - Or ALTERNATIVE - Taman Negara - Jungle Trekking?!

Jan 5th Bus to Penang - Ferry to Langkawi - Waterfalls, Underwater World, Wildlife, Walk Bridge and Cable Car
- Or ALTERNATIVE - Perhentian Islands

Jan 8th Checkout - Bus to Penang to Railey Beach - Thailand

Jan 11th - Flight from Krabi to Bangkok - Temples, Tours, Floating Market, Koh San Road

Jan 13th Flight to Yagoon - ??

Jan 15th Flight to Bangkok then onto Dubai for 3 days

We want to have a mix of culture and relaxation, basically I don't want to miss out on experiences of a lifetime if im within a breath of something amazing.

What are peoples thoughts on time frames? We are open to flying quite a bit but I want to soak up experiences as well...but understand if its an 8hr bus ride id rather an few hours flight as time is of the essence.

Your thoughts would be great.


2. Posted by MarcoPolo89 (Full Member 159 posts) 2y Star this if you like it!

I think your time frames aren't so bad - these are places that you can easily spend a lot more time in but a few days to each place should suffice. A few thoughts on things:
Due to travel times I'd say choose Langkawi over Perhentians and Cameron Highlands over Taman Negara. Even though all locations are awesome, it would make sense to choose these 2 on a shorter time frame.
Also I don't see the point in flying to Myanmar for 2 days. You'll hardly see anything and there's lots more to see in Thailand. Maybe go see Ayutthaya and/or Sukhothai, just North of Bangkok. They have some lovely temples and the pace of life is slower and more peaceful than Bangkok, in these cities.

I think your route fits in a good mixture of history, nature, culture and beaches so you'll love your time in these locations!

3. Posted by Kingdom34 (Budding Member 2 posts) 2y Star this if you like it!

Hi O.J
Thank you for the response. My original plan was/is Langkawi and Cameron Highlands, the two alternatives was an alternative route that i saw other suggsted.

Myanmar for a few days is because my gf's father is Burmese and so i wanted to see where he was brought up.
Im thinking a flight direct to Yagoon from Krabi maybe better than Bangkok- Yagoon- then back to Bangkok

Ive personally been to KL, Singapore, Bangkok myself but its more for my gf to experience the travelling before we settle down.

I understand il need a Visa for Burma, having a UK passport myself.

Do you also know special places/must see's in each place that you would recommend, were looking for as much culture as possible but with the relaxing beach breaks in between.

With Cameron Highlands, im also thinking which bus would take us from KL to CH and what area to stay in thats best? I really want to do a jungle trek if possible

Anyway thanks for your advice

4. Posted by MarcoPolo89 (Full Member 159 posts) 2y Star this if you like it!

But still 2 days, including travel time, really isn't enough time to see a country or even get a feel for where her father grew up, but that's up to you. Not sure there is direct flights from Krabi to Yangon - could be quite expensive.
Last I heard a transit visa was US$40 and an e-visa was US$50 but you'd have to look that up. I don't believe there is a visa on arrival option, or if there is then it will have some complicated rules surrounding it like a lot of things to do with getting into Myanmar. It is a truly beautiful country though.

Probably the best way of traveling around the North of Malaysia is by minivans. They're frequent, cheap and more comfortable than their Thai counterparts. There's loads of minivans from KL to CH. In CH, make sure to go to one of the strawberry farms (they actually rival British strawberries!). Not so much in the form of jungle trekking but you can check out the Mossy Forest - has a really interesting walk through it, with completely unique flora.

In Railay, definitely try out all 3 beaches, they all have something different to order and are very beautiful. The rock climbing is first class and if you're inexperienced then there's cheap local teachers available - I can't recommend it highly enough. There's actually some nice hiking in the area around there; the funky rock formations give a great backdrop.
Try to stop off in Krabi Town for a night - the Night Market is super cheap and SO good - you can get delicious, fresh fruit shakes for 10 Baht! A really good local experience with hardly any tourists around.