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Where is the best place to buy a backpack which opens up fully like a suitcase? Im looking at 60-70litres!
How much am i looking at paying for a decent one that will last a year?
thanks xx

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Hi Sammy,

I was shown one recently in a sports shop here in Ireland and it was about 180 euro. (I think it was a Lowe Alpine..)It looked like a pretty decent one, althugh I have to say I think for the money a backpack is a better option (just my opinion). It depends on what kind of travel you are doing I suppose. ;)

This particular one looked very easy to carry. It had handles on the top and sides as well as the back straps. The top zipped back completely and it had a waterproof cover which you could pull over the top. A good choice for someone hopping on and off a lot of planes, or who just needs to carry it around for short periods of time. It didnt seem to have a great back system though, so if you were going to be trekking for any length of time it could br rough on the back muscles.

Sorry I can't be more help with the model...have a very bad head for this stuff. I wrote down a couple of names on a piece of paper...ill see if i can dig it out for you.


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i bought mine in London. the make of mine is Osprey and they are pretty good.cost me £160 but it opens up like a holdall. you can carry it like a holdall or a back pack. also you can detach the back pack from the straps and find you have a seperate ruck sack. also this is good for safety. you wouldn't know the rucksack was there so could keep passport etc in it.

lots of compartments and definately better that a top loading one.

there is loads of shops around covent garden if you are in london. check out snow and rock. Kathmandu. and the osprey website.

hope this helps
good luck

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Black wolf are the BEST bag.
I've had mine for two years and my BF has had his for 4 they're still in perfect condition and have survived many many trips!