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Hello Everyone!

I am beginning to plan my trip to Lagos, Nigeria. I am wondering if anyone on here has reliable information that is up to date as to what is needed to get a visa. It seems that I need a letter of invitation. I don't know anyone there, just going as a tourist. Could anyone help me know how I can get this? In my brief searching so far, I have already come across a number of scammers concerning this kind of thing, so I'm a bit wary. How do I avoid being scammed?

Any help would be awesome! Thank you so very much.


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Yes, I have spent all morning reading up there. Thank you Terrry.

The issue is that it does not tell me how to get the invitation, just that it is needed. I am hoping someone here might know how to help me get the invitation.

Thank you.

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I suggest you write to the Nigerian Embassy and ask them, or the Nigerian Tourism people & their contact form

I forget which country ( not nigeria ) I was applying for a visa for but they had the same requirement. I told them I was a Tourist & did not have a contact in their country. They said not to worry as long as I had sufficient funds, a hotel reservation and a ticket out of the country. Maybe the same applies to Nigeria.

Best of luck - Visas can be such a pain.


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I hope you find someone reliable here or somewhere in other travel forums. Otherwise , Nigeria is known for lot of scammers. Quite strange that tourists should have letters of invitations while the country is in great need of income from tourism. Good luck.

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I am a Nigerian, it is uncommon to get people to send invitation to you particularly when the sender is not known to you. The best bet at this stage will be the hotel were you plan to stay, This can be helpful because, the hotels will want you to stay with them after assisting you with your visa.
Hope this help