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can anyone tell me how far £2500 would get me in australia? would 3months be pushing it? i can only go for an absolute max of 6months so would it be a waste to use up my 1year WHV...or you think it would be a better idea to wait until after uni and go as a qualified physiotherapist and use it for a whole year then? any one know if there is physio work avaliable?

any help in money matters would be brilliant

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Hi Nat,

I'd say 2500 pounds would get you through 3 months if you don't spend tons and tons on partying. This is excluding a flight/insurance etc. though, so only spending money after arrival.

Having said that, I know some people that went through 1500 pounds in the first 2/3 weeks (which are usually the most expensive too mind you)....

I just checked the currency exchange rate as I don't work with pounds so much... but phew, that's 6219 AUD at todays rate. 2 grand australian a month should easily be enough. I think 50 AUD a day is a decent budget and that would then even cover 4 months.

Not sure about physios, but they have tons of nurse work in Australia and it's easy for nurses to get visas for longer periods because of this. Might well be the same for physios. Have you checked www.immi.gov.au?



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I agree with Sam that it really depends on what you plan to do. I would say if you were coming for 3 months and just intend to travel and enjoy yourself, then you could easily spend 2500 pounds in that time. I think $50 is an ok daily budget if you are working, but would almost double that if you are going out and seeing Australia. For example, you will pay around $25 a day for youth hostel, $20 on food, $5 travel (thats already $50 and you havent done anything yet). If you do any activities, such as surfing you are looking at say $50, and then if you are going out then you can easily spend $50 a day. I would suggest that you think about what you intend to do and dont be suprised if you came for 3 months with that money and didnt go home with much change in your pocket!

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thanks guys,
im thinking of pre-paying for the east coast Oz experience bus(anyone know if thats good?) before i go so i guess most my travel expenses wont be included in the £2500 and 3x 1/2 day surfing lessons and a few other activities are also included along the way. though knowing me il want more surf lessons (or just hire a board everyday and 'do it yourself' style) and bunjee jump and sky dive.... so with things like that im guessing i may rinse through it faster than i think!

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I think you could be in luck, check out this thread by philheath :)